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Firstly I would like to apologize for the formatting. I had
set the blogs out in neat paragraphs, but sometime between
uploading and publishing, they join together. Sorry. 🙂 and I also would like to put the photos in a slide show, but I haven’t worked that out on my iPad yet.

Finally we made it to the airport without being bogged on the path on the way home. It was hideous! The cab driver talking and talking in order
to get us to call him on the way back to Fiji. Fortunately this
time we didn’t have to pay for the transfer, but we paid in the
form of our nostrils- he stunk!

Once I got to the airport I was able to get WIFI, which meant I could finally post the blogs that had been sitting on my phone. I am surprised with the lack of Internet on the island considering Cambodia’s third world state and
they manage to be further advanced. I had exactly an hour to get
everything online before the plane boards and my credit runs out. –
As a task master I was efficient. I do however apologize for the
formatting as it seems to disappear when I copy it from my notes to

Arriving in Honolulu, after a reasonably great nap. I
had the window of the exit seat, which wasn’t the best spot
considering it was freezing and I was getting cold. But it was
better than the farting Hawaiian next to Linz. “And the bastard was
hogging the arm rest!”

Doing like we usually do, we nestled into our beds for a nap. The girl at the hotel, had as booked in as Mr and Mrs Linz, which consequently meant we were sharing a double bed. I’m not sure who was supposed to be the man, and why she didn’t question it. Perhaps the check in would have been easier if I’d spoken my broken Japanese. (Mental note: incompetence of
hospitality staff in hotels.)

So arising from our slumber by a phone call from Bowler- which I didn’t answer, as I’m not sure exactly how much they cost. We showered and were off to explore Waikiki for two things; phone company so I can get a sim card to keep blogging/ Facebooking and to find a hotel.

We found a hotel at a wicked price. But most importantly it has cooking places. Save money on accommodation to have money for Tiffany’s- best idea ever.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping. And by shopping, I
mean stocktake. I was like a kid in a candy store.. Bargains left,
right and centre! With the Aussie dollar being on par, it was a
brilliant expenditure. The worse part was lining up to pay. And if
you were worried about whether or I have been working on my guns, I
have! The bags were so heavy that my arms were sore in the morning.
Fit 2 Shop: I’ve got it covered!

It was our second Christmas Eve for the year, Due to the dateline. The only thing worse for me would be having two Christmas’, when I already hate the first one.

Christmas day was spent celebrating/sunbaking/relaxing on Waikiki
beach. It was a gorgeous day. In terms of tanning capacity, the sun
was weak! I got no lines or no reddness after 5hours with no
sunscreen! WTF! Am I ever going to reach my Chocolate City tan?

Linz “There are no public Toilets on this island- after lunch I’m
pissing in the ocean!” Luckily enough the rain came in at 5pm, so
we headed home instead!

I did manage to met a young man named Seth, who works on the beach selling deck chairs for hire. I’m hoping he can hook me up with some local hangouts or funky things to do other than tours.

I had planned for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, a
University of Miami -2006 favorite. Problem: the wait for dinner
was almost 2hours long. No thanks. We also tried this Okinomiyaki
place, but they had a similar wait. We eventually settled for
another UM favorite- Señor Frogs!

A quick stroll along the streets, lead me right into the doors of Tiffany and Co. Of course I managed to make my purchase for 2011. On the way I was stopped by a homeless man and asked for a dollar. Of course based on my ‘World Vision’ of one dollar a day, I had already shared my love. His
reply becomes one of the top blog quotes: “I’d just like to say you
are one good looking woman. You probably don’t want to hear that
from a bum, [as] I probably look like a walking scrotum. But I’m
not!” Hilarious, and a accurate description of himself.

Boxing day, as referred to by Australians and maybe the English, we planned a tour around the island. We figured, alike London’s ‘Big Ben Bus
Tours’, you get on, see the island and work out where you want to
go back to. Bill is the driver and be appears to be the ‘all American’ type of guy. He kindly informed us that “the first WW2 POW was taken in 1941, which is also consequently when the war began”. An enlightening thought for two history teachers, one with a particular focus on American History.

Not far along the journey, we stopped alongside the road. Not for a sightseeing experience or shopping. But because the bus broke down. Hilarious! The only positive is that it’s given me more time to write!

I’m not going to waffle on too much about the tour, as the pictures will speak more than my words. To sum up the tour experience: Hawaii is beautiful. I could live here forever. It offers everything; beach, city,
shops, country, weather. The only thing it lacks, and perhaps I’m a
little spoilt by Melbourne, the cafe, restaurants and cuisine that
I enjoy so much. I miss the Little Ox in Brighton.

Shopping in Waikiki is intense. I can purchase almost everything. And to be
honest, with the dollar at it’s solid position- “we is dollaires!”
Because of this we have had to do some reshuffling of necessities.
The money I spent on food, needs to be reshuffled for shopping. And
for those of you who think I am giving up food for clothes, you
would be incorrect. We have downsized to a smaller shitter hotel
and this means we have cooking facilities. So more eating in. I
also wished I had grabbed some more Skinnys from Bam.

We tried to book flights and accommodation for Maui. Put it this way: “it ain’t happening bitches!” This is because the cost will be approximately
$1500 and this is in the event we can actually get accommodation.
So we have decided to stay on Oahu and just do some tours!

Three of our mission S’s have been completed. Shopping, sunbaking and
sightseeing. Sailors here we come!

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Author: Em Mango

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2 thoughts on ““Aloha”

  1. Awesome pics Mango! Some ‘champaign’ descriptions of your adventures too! Sublime sunsets and beach scenes. Miss you both and happy, happy new year to you both! Behave yourselves with those ssssssailors… take that crazed girl in the kitchen with the knife, I saw in your photos… she will protect you…
    Take care of eachother! Bunny

    • Hey Bunny,

      We are having a great time. Hope you have a Happy New Year!! We are relaxing today in order to party tonight. I am looking forward to a good night outs. “Options pending”. I think I might have put up a new post since you read the last. I have made great use and have adopted wholesomely your ‘mental notes’. They have been very useful.
      I love Hawaii and I want to move here… Trying to marry an American.. See how I go.

      Happy NYE again! Love Linz and Em

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