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Report Writing Science Prac

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Aim: Finish reports by this weekend in order to get my life back.

Hypothesis: Reports will be completed by Sunday night.

Equipment: Computer, results, brain, ambiance.

Method: Write reports till 12am tonight, and tomorrow and everyday until finished.

Safety/Risks: Facebook, finger cramp, butt cramp, brain dead, square eye…s, electric shock, distractions, sun, restaurants and cafés.

Results: Reports were completed well in advance of schedule. Em feels extremely relieved. (But not “I’ve just been to the toilet” relieved, more of a “weight off my shoulder” relieved.)Em worked sufficiently for 12 hours each day, for three days in order to complete the task. Various snuggles were needed in between. Subway and Spud bar also played a major role in the facilitation of the task. Lest we forget- coffee.

Discussion: Em has demonstrated the ability to hastly achieve tasks when she sets her mind to it. Em suffered from initial procrastination, but was able to work through this due to the ambiance of Bam’s house. Facebook provided much needed support and distraction. She has provided herself with large comment databases, which have enabled her to sufficiently complete the report writing process. This semester has proven to be the most efficient report writing period in her three years of teaching.

Conclusion: Em was able to complete reports before the time stipulated, resulting in euphoric happiness about heading into six weeks holidays, in Bali.

Final thought: Do you like Pina Coladas? –because they are coming my way!!!

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