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More recently I have been extremely lucky to side step my role as a classroom teacher into something a little more charismatic. A role in which I design myself and control the output of the content in which I devise.

I have partly wished that I had completed a Degree in Psychology, in order to study the behavioral patterns of the mind. For the most part I enjoy watching and listening. Observing the interactions and trying to understand ‘why people do the things they do?’

The motivations or reactions to situations is what I enjoy the most. How to mould those reactions to be influenced by persuasion, is yet something I have been entirely able to master.

What is clear is the differentiation between men and women. Moreover how men communicate with men and how they work with women. Men speak on a less professional, more friendly level, but when talking to females, they move to professionalism. So, how does the woman break into the man’s world? Do we need to slip in a few swear words to break the ice? But be careful that you don’t slip too many or you won’t be taken seriously.

A midst massive redevelopment of my workplace, a variety of consultation based processes have taken place. It is always hard to manage when a democracy allows for total transparency. Thus leaving the development of conspiracy theories evident.

To this notion, I have had the chance to watch a mind of great operation. I also wonder how much of the world I see with rose coloured glasses. Or is it that I am clearer on the motivations?

Being exposed to a variety of administrative based roles has thrust me into a new dimension. One I have not encountered before. One that four years ago, I would have not been mature enough to handle. It is in this role, I pseudo sit. Not sure if I’m left or right.

My modus operandi has always been to sit back and listen. And to ultimately trust in my own judgement. It’s not what’s being said, rather it’s what’s not. Reading between the lines is the most important aspect to effective business.

The Master Gamer has an intricate web of constructive thinking. His presentations begin with personal anecdotes and end with choices. He places several anecdotal distractions, posed quickly and head on a different tangents. Held humorous by those who understand his thought process.

He stands confidentially and persuasively and never loses track of the big picture. He heads forward like a bull at a gate with the ability to recognize he might not break the gate.

A mastermind of his own game, his history shows the ability to execute concisely constructed plans. He knows his game. He is trusted by peers.

Who knows where this role will take me? One thing is for sure. I am enjoying it and I wish to stay.

“The depth of one’s mind is only one level deeper than his forehead.”


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