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What are we waiting for?


Several events of the last week have led me to think more laterally about my own life. Nothing more notable that the passing of the Melbourne Legend : Jimmy Stynes.

His life consisted of a number of selfless acts that helped to change the life of 1000s of people. He was a winner off and on the field. In the words of Charlie Sheen : “#winning”, except for Charlie, Jimmy actually was.

I grew up supporting Melbourne. Spending my weekends in the stands screaming the names of Stynes, Neitz and Lyon. Although I was never a true convert, the worship and commitment of my Brother and his mates, brought me to the forefront. We spent our weekends at the Bentleigh Club, dancing and getting the players to sign my brother’s jumper. So it is this foundation that leads me to be saddened by the passing of a great.

We live our lives so selfishly and we indulge in past times that can consume us. We can save every penny to buy a house that worth more than what most of us will ever earn. Or we travel to our hearts content. But is most important?

I live my life, surrounded by cancer. Every person you meet can tell you a story where they have been directly exposed to the cancer that is killing us. Some of us bear the scars visually and others emotionally. The silent killer.

Yet we live our lives planning for the future. What is the future? My Mum is a Breast Cancer Survivor. We were lucky. A hereditary disease that scares the absolute shit out of me. Because it is so is stalks the streets at night. I wear the Pink Ribbon permanently on my wrist.

So what are we waiting for? What stops me from having children tomorrow and living everyday as my last?

First World Problems. The bills, the work, the constraints. Everyday we have something to complain and worry about. So what did Jimmy worry about?

His remaining days were spent in the eye of the public. Making sure that he used every last ounce of energy. I feel for his children and his poor wife. Comments from your ‘everyday hero’ Aker, are unnecessary. His State Funeral gives the people he touched, a chance to say goodbye.

I know that whatever I do from here I need to think about how lucky I am to be fit and healthy. I need to stop waiting for the future, because we never reach it.

Tomorrow never comes…


Author: Em Mango

Blogger, PA, Nerd, Social Media Addict, Friend, Lover, Snuggler, Traveller

2 thoughts on “What are we waiting for?

  1. A an man I worked with at Olympic Park when I was going through Uni would always say when I asked him how his day has been “every day above ground is a good day”. I have adopted this as my motto, except I just say “every day is a good day”.

    Do what you have to do, you can’t be a Jim Stynes unless you are happy with yourself 1st. You can’t live life trying to think what might happen.

    I think I said enough now.

    Take Care Em


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