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Look out for Alice Zaslavsky on MasterChef


Watch out for the wacky Miss Zee.. She can cook up a storm.. ‘Alice in Saucepan’!


Author: Em Mango

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13 thoughts on “Look out for Alice Zaslavsky on MasterChef

  1. Hey Alice, it’s Joel from years ago. Let me know if this is you. Crazy times saw you on Masterchef. Congratulations!

  2. What is her background? Is she russian or jewish or sometin?

  3. is it cool having a friend on tv?

  4. she is reli crazy! do u no where she gets her glasses from? I’d love to get a pear.
    i think she is gonna win!

  5. so kewl! thanks mangoe – luv your site

  6. Alice… remove those glasses and let the world see your true beauty!!

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