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An unrestrained passenger

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Mostly I write to inform the world of my many observations. But today I will offer something a little different.

So it’s Friday night and I’ve hit the town. Feeling particularly good about myself we started with a NKOBSB concert and the off to Morris Jones in Chapel St.

The night had taken off to a good start. We were happy. A
recent weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was ready to get my life back on track.

Piling into my car and heading down the road to Boutique Nightclub, we turn the corner into St Edmonds street and drive right into a booze bus operation.

Winding down my window of my Corolla, I take one long breath and blow into the BPT.

In the meantime, an officer on the left hand side of the vehicle spots an offense. I had four passengers in my back seat. And according to the last time I read the law, it was fine on the basis that all of the seat belts were being used. As I had instructed my clan before taking off.

The result was the impoundment of my vehicle for one month, a $700 fee for impoundment and an impending court date. A little over the top considering I had no
blood alcohol reading.

So I was stranded on the corner of the street with three bags of clothing, my laptop and two jackets. My car was being searched and I had to hand over my keys. A knight in shinning armor came to pick me up.

What is contradictory here is that, if I were drunk and I had a reading on the BPT, I would get a court date but I would be able to park my car and collect it in the morning. So who is the biggest risk? A sober girl with five passengers or a person over the legal limit?

As I don’t drink, my car is my world. I am never without my car and having it impounded for an entire month is absolutely ridiculous. Although I am subjected to the hoon violation laws, this was a little bit over the top.

Happy to accept responsibility and pay an infringement, but there is no way I can accept a car impoundment for ‘dangerous driving’ at 30km p/h at night.

Getting the car out is impossible. So I am forced to sit there and wait till the date in which I can drive halfway across Melbourne to get my car.

The lesson I’ve learnt here is make sure you read all of the new road rules. Also make sure that you check the seat belts on every passenger in your car. Forget that, don’t drive drunk people anywhere.

Author: Em Mango

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