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Once I was eighteen, a skinny teenager that was behind the wheel of an 80’s Corolla rocking the streets of Melbourne and becoming an adult. As difficult as high school was, I survived. But there is no amount of money that I would accept to ever go back to being a hormone filled teen.

MeStarting year 7, I weighed in at measly 29kgs. I wasn’t heavy enough to make the adjustable seats in the library go down by myself. Being skinny was more problematic than good. Because I was so tiny, I was forever copping the Anorexic taunts by fuller figure bodies. Psychologically this meant that I was scared to bare my legs for fear of the bullying.

Being extremely skinny and small meant that I lacked the physical development of most of the other girls my age. Alongside this came various hurtful words by males who forever joked that I was a ‘surfboard’, and I looked ‘the same back and front’.

The irony is now, that I grew taller than most of these vicious people. I have the boobs that I forever longed for. And I still remain to be skinny.

googlegenAs I scan my classroom these days, I realize that the percentage of really tiny girls is lessened. The ability to wear age inappropriate clothes is made more accessible by cheap clothing store chains. Moreover, these girls look older than I ever did. Not to mention the access to information via the web is astronomically higher in this Google Generation than it has ever been.

All more skilled and experienced in the adult world, they still suffer the same torment that I experienced myself. Their issues of body consciousness can come on a hell of a lot earlier than it ever did for me.

What is clear that no matter you size or shape, there is always something that we want to fix change and alter. There is always a better version of us. So how to we find it?27-club-1_26217

I remember reading once, that most women feel body satisfaction at the age of 27. Meaning that no longer their struggles to find the best version of themselves exist. In addition, could the increase of cosmetic surgery procedures to this elevated this sense of self content?

In keeping with this theme, and the endless search to find information on procedures that really work. I have decided to start blogging about my experiences with non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

I am to follow the list of procedures outlined at Vitruvius Divine Cosmetic Clinic, and provide my readers will real feedback and results.598676_371024446311318_1181718054_n I am going to take the clinic for a test drive and leave you in the passenger seat.

The clinic will be on hand to answer any questions that you might have about each of the treatments, and the professional clinicians will provide me with medical information.

The first on my list will be Fat Cavitation. The therapy aims to provide localized ultrasound technology to areas of subcutaneous fat. So does it work? I am eager to find out.

In the meantime, stay tuned.

“Be the best version of yourself.”

Author: Em Mango

Blogger, PA, Nerd, Social Media Addict, Friend, Lover, Snuggler, Traveller

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