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Being Clueless is not just a movie about females..

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Thank goodness for the Internet! It has provided men with copious amounts of material to write love letters with!

However, love letters can do just as much damage as they can do good.

Upon chatting with my girlfriend, I stumbled across this email that she had been sent from a clueless male after two face to face meetings.

Lets just say it went down like a lead ballon. It wasn’t worthy of a reply because a reply would require an email with some substance so that the respondent could formulate a response. There is no response necessary.

Considering these factors, I thought it was worthy of an inclusion to Mangoes World blog.

Feel free to comment.. I’d love to know what the male population out there think.


Dear Tiffany,

Quick note to say, among a few other ramblings, that I hope this week is proving at least slightly more relaxing for you than the past couple.

I’d also like to take a moment to make a couple of points blatantly obvious…just in case my measured “say the right thing in a suit” demeanour has resulted in any misrepresentation:

Nervous energy, it’s a net positive.
It may not be immediately apparent, however I’ve had a measured level of nervous energy during our catch ups…although potentially awkward, this state of hyper-care is a compliment, or a slightly anxious sign of respect, whichever you prefer… Thinking now, it’s also partially attributable to being on the back foot after learning in the early stages that I best be a gentleman or face prompt disconnection… Given a little relaxed face time and a few laughs I should warm up, considerably.

I find you VERY attractive.
This fact stands firm both physically (no pun intended) and mentally. Apart from a taxi riddled mid-week street corner and drenched car park rooftop I haven’t had an opportunity to express this. Your confidence and accomplished self-assurance is v hot indeed, in fact I’d go so far as to say I’ve well & truly met my match in this regard. I could digress and go into lengthy detail on all things attraction, however should one eventuate this is best left for another occasion. In short the information I’ve had the pleasure of processing to date has been near on overwhelmingly impressive, including that initial shut-down – respect.

You’ve missed out on much of my bravado.

Lucky you, most of it is at best mildly entertaining and a shallow facade for the genuine heart on sleeve character I couldn’t mask if I tried.

I’d like to see you again.
This much by now is almost certainly obvious, but worthy of noting nonetheless. Why is a reasonable question:

See above;
I have hamstring issues (kidding)
You have phenomenal teeth (seriously..)

In closing…

Have a lovely evening.


No clue, from Melbourne

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