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Northvale Softball Club is back for 2014! #Softball

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This year all of us from Northvale Softball Club are looking forward to Season 2014-2015. Last year we experienced a Grand Final upset after having been almost undefeated for the entire season.

This year we have an exciting new addition to the team, a new coach – Dene. Although sadly we have lost our old faithful Johnny, we hope he will still come to the games and share his expertise on occasion. We also have many new players and are looking to enter a junior team for the first time in years.
On the whole we are really excited to take the field.

Training is currently being held each Saturday at Jells Park, Waverley.

We are still looking for new players all the details can be found on our website –
Northvale Softball Club – Jells Park, Waverley

And if you just want to follow our progress, you can do so on Facebook  Google+ or Twitter 

Follow Northvale on Google+

Follow Northvale on Google+

Follow Northvale on Twitter

Follow Northvale on Twitter

Follow Northvale on Facebook

Follow Northvale on Facebook

Visit Northvale Softball Club's Website

Visit Northvale Softball Club’s Website

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