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The countdown is on – I have just over two months and I am 30! I can’t believe that this is happening…

I can remember being a teenager and being excited about being in my 20s, with all of the things to come. I imagined teaching in London, travelling the world and becoming a millionaire.20090806-wanderlust1

For the most part, I have travelled a lot. But really – the more you travel, the more you want to travel. And it is expensive. Not as expensive as buying a house, at least I can say I’ve done that.

The problem with being a ‘wanderlust’ is you get lost in the experiences outside of the world you live in. But they are not a reality. And they are not forever.

Somehow all of these travel aspirations have drifted off in my mind for more prevalent issues, like how to pay my mortgage or what wedding gifts I am going to buy for my friends. As Notorious BIG once said “Mo money, mo problems”.

Turning 30 is a weird feeling. I think that I have finally reached the point in my life where my mind is hanging out in my 20s and my age has surpassed it. It is a strange feeling to know you are one age and feel like you are another. I imagine as you age this feeling doesn’t change. You are still that crazy wanderlust of your 20s, only you have two children, a mortgage and a dog.IMG_0473

I feel like I need to be more responsible, save more money and stop hanging out at underage dance parties. (Insert sarcasm emoji). I don’t care so much for the latest fashion, but I am checking on my Health Insurance to ensure it covers me in emergencies. I am staring at my forehead in the mirror and trying things like an Acupuncture Facial to dissolve the fine lines.

More alarming is the number of children, proposals and marriages that are popping up daily on my Newsfeed. It is like a race to the finish line. Quick!  – Is just symbolic of the stage of the life that I am now in?

In a world of social sharing – how do we stop ourselves from comparing ourselves with others?

I believe that the moment that you stop dreaming about the ‘what if’ and start looking at the ‘what is’ we are able to become happier with our own achievements.

IMG_0479I made the decision a year ago that I would plan to be as fit as possible, to stop eating the bad things and focus on being the best version of myself. I was sick of thinking about things that I wanted to change, so I made the decision to start changing them.

I want to be awesome by 30 and I believe that I am on the right track. Moreover, it is my version of awesome not anyone else’s that counts.


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Author: Em Mango

Blogger, PA, Nerd, Social Media Addict, Friend, Lover, Snuggler, Traveller

15 thoughts on “Thirty.

  1. I can totally relate to this, I will be 30 in April and I’ve been practicing saying “I’m 30” for 2 years… for some reason 27 was really hard for me?

  2. I would love to follow you on IG but your link did not work. You can find me at username: thethoughtcard.

  3. Very interesting perspective! There’s always more to explore on this planet, regardless of your age, so don’t think too much about turning 30 😉

  4. You’re already ahead of me. On my 30th birthday I was still four months away from beginning my semester of student teaching, and it was a year past that when I officially began my teaching career. Which means I didn’t have anything that qualified as a “career” during my 20s, and at 40 today I still haven’t bought a house.
    But look– I’m comparing. I’m falling into that very trap you discussed. Social media certainly does encourage that constant comparison, which is dangerous in many ways. We forget that on social networks, people are typically presenting the ideal version of their life, and leave out the daily drudgery. That goes up to another level now during the holiday season.
    Sounds to me like you’re already “awesome” and I certainly respect how reflective you are upon your journey. All this comes from following an upvote on Quora, by the way. 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment. It’s great to see it is a common them amongst everyone. I just actually can’t believe that I’m this old. #UsedToBeCool and it’s all happened way to quickly.
      Thanks for coming across from Quora, I’m new there. But looking forward to answering more questions.

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