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Hi all,

I’m Em Mango.. I thought it was about time I updated my about me page on this blog. Partly because many things have happened in the last couple of years, since I took my fingers to the keyboard. In the last year I have created a natural and Vegan shampoo bar called Solibar, had a kid (one year old), started a Social Media Consultancy – Tango Social – and just generally been Instagramming at @MsMMango. 

These days, I am still living in Melbourne and have stopped educating the future generations of Australia. I’m on a journey of a Social Discovery in all things digital. Social Media is my thing and it’s a long drawn out love affair since 2006.

I hope you enjoy reading the things that bother me, happen to me and things I think about. Life is never boring in Mangoes World.

Stay tuned to my next adventure.  All content will remain PG.

#Some photos used in blogs are not of my own. So I will give credit to those who author the Google searched images I seek for visual representation.

MEDIA KIT (NB these figures are from 2016) 





6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alice ! Potentially my favorite indie / hipster celebrity chef I know . Keep cookin with that good ol love girl !

    With massive respect, Franco xo.

  2. Superhero from planet Zon…..really??? come on now, we not 12 years… and what make your blog so much better than anyone else’s?

    Looking forward to your clarification

  3. I like reading what you’ve written! How about a piece on the love /hate relationship ppl have with Christmas!

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