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Delicious Chia, Coconut and Banana Bread 

I whipped up this delicious little  beauty after having an excess of bananas in the cupboard.

As per usual, I created a hybrid of a couple of recipes, so I could be in more control of the amount of sugar in the recipe.

Using what I had in the cupboard I created my masterpiece.

You will need:

  • 1 3/4 cups of Self Raising Flour
  • 1/4 cup of Plain Flour
  • 50 grams of melted Butter 
  • 3/4 unsweetened Almond Milk
  • A couple of shakes of Nutmeg 
  • 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds
  • 1/4 shredded or desiccanted Coconut
  • 2 lightly beaten Eggs
  • 3 mashed ripe Bananas
  • A little dollop of Honey 

From here it is pretty straight forward, add all dry ingredients into a bowl. Make a well for the egg and combine everything except the banana. Mix into a great consistency, adding more almond milk or flour if required. Finally add in the mashed banana.

Pour into a baking tray lined with baking paper. Bake on 180-200 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until a skewer is able to come out clean. As my oven isn’t the best and I’m cooking on a fan-forced grill, baking times might vary).

I’m working on a replacement for the flour, so I’ll try wholemeal flour next time. In this case you’ll need baking soda or bicarbonate soda to raise the mixture. I’ll get back to you on that one. 

Overall it is deliciously addictive.  Give it a go for yourself. 


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My favourite Bliss Balls 

Since I’ve now got my own kitchen and I can finally experiment with my cooking.

I’ve got loads of favourite recipes, but I thought I would share this one with you. Additionally it makes it easy for me to find it again.

My favourite Bliss Balls have been adapted from a few recipes that I have read recently. As I’m trying to reduce added sugar where possible, I’ve cut a few items from my initial recipe.

You will need:

  • 2 cups Almond Meal
  • 2 teaspoons of Cacao
  • Approx. 12-15 pitted Dates, chopped
  • 3 tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • 2 splashes of Vanilla Essence 
  • 1 cup or so of shredded or desiccated Coconut
  • 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds
  • Water

The next step is to mix it all together in a bowl till combined. Depending on the consistency of the mixture you may require more water or Almond Meal. 

Roll them into teaspoon sized balls, and coat with Coconut for decoration. Refridgerate before serving.

And here is what they look like:

But they taste better than they look…

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Love My Body – #Bali Health Retreat


Love My Body


Love My Body specialises in health retreats and runs 6 retreats per year in Bali, Byron Bay and out of Melbourne. Our health retreats are 6-7 days long or 3 days and leave everyone feeling amazing- with a focus on raw food, green food, lots of training and physical challenges, sunshine, massages, reading, thinking and healing.


Places are also already filling up for our Bali retreat!
The cost is $1950 per person and includes the following:

  • We stay in a beautiful village nestled in the hills of Ubud which has the most beautiful surroundings and natural noises.
  • The food is fresh locally grown and totally free of any nasties, most of which is grown in the village itself and we sip on fresh lemongrass and ginger tea all day long the is constantly re-filled at your bungalow door.
  • We train 2-3 times per day, plus treks up and around the mountain including a trek up the volcano at 3am to see the sunrise.
  • Also included in your package is a full body massage and pampering session at one of Ubud’s best day spa’s, dinner out one night to an organic vegetarian restaurant, a half day at the hot springs after our trek up the volcano and a bike tour.
  • This retreat will leave you feeling clean, light and physically challenged- and with a noticeable change in your body shape!

Your package also includes your transfer to the village on the day of the retreat and to your next destination afterward. you can arrive any time on the afternoon on day 1 and leave around 9-10am on the last day. Flights are excluded but if booked early you can get return flights under $700. Airasia/Jetstar  currently has flights for under $500 return. We recommend booking flights as early as possible to keep the cost down.
*Deposits (50%) for both Bali retreats are due for August retreat by July 15. 




Our next Byron retreat is running September 15th – September 21st 2014. Places are already filling up!
The cost is $2200 which includes the following:

  • On average we train for 3-4 hours per day (it sounds intense but because it is so varied and spread out over mornings and evenings and there is a group of us, you will find it challenging but achievable as a group).
  • The food is from the organic byron bay kitchen- organic raw style food, lots of green! It is delivered to the house each day.
  • We stay in a beautiful modern large house near the beach and town.
  • Days are spent mostly beach/shopping/pool but also in the itinerary, you have 1 hour massage/healing session. 30 minute card reading. 1/2 day of surfing.
  • Restorative yoga every second evening and your bike for the week which we get around on a lot.
  • Please note that we have group discounts on all activities and if you were to go off and do this holiday on your own you couldn’t do it at this cost. There are cheap flights with Jetstar (around $300 return).
  • You are expected at the house by 2pm the day of the retreats and we finish up around 9am on the last day.
  • We use the shuttle bus service from Byron airport which is $20.

*Please reserve your spot in this retreat ASAP. Payment due July 15th. In our last Byron retreat most of lost 2-3 kilograms (including me!) But the main difference was how clean light and energetic we felt afterward- most of the girls have since completely changed their lifestyles. this is one retreat not to be missed!


Mornington Peninsula-

These retreats will run based on attendance so express your interest now! They are 2 nights and 3 days long (Friday-Sunday).
You will be expected at the house by lunch time on the Friday and will leave late Sunday afternoon. They are $850 (excluding travel).
In these retreats we really make the most of 3 days!
They are very detox style and educational- with loads of training, green smoothies and vegetables and educational programs with me each night- on nutrition, weight loss and changing your lifestyles to support a healthy weight and happy outlook.
There will also be a day spa pampering session included at one of Daylesford’s spas and the large house we stay in is simply beautiful!
I promise to leave you bewildered at what we can achieve in just 3 days!
Full payment for our Easter retreat is required for our Christmas retreat October 1st.


Health Retreat Dates 2014
Bali:  August 3rd – 8th price $1950 (excluding flights)
Byron Bay: September 15th-21st  $2200 (excluding travel)
Mornington Peninsula: December 19th – 21st $850 (excluding travel)

Check out the testimonials section to read how effective the Love My Body Health Retreats really are!
Or go to our blog to read my post on both a Bali and Byron retreat.

NB: This post was written by Hayley Roper for


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The ‘influenced culture’ – are you a part of it? #MangoesWorld #Blogger

It is intriguing when you take a step back and look at the world from the outside. Our society is deeply built and consists entirely on the continued and morphing world of entertainment, whether it exists on the basic of performances and presentations or sport and activities. We want to be entertained.

Growing up my brother and I spent long hours in the car with my parents travelling all around Australia. We spent school holidays on some of the largest cattle stations in the country. Once we drove from Melbourne to the Kimberly’s and down through Western Australia and home. For us entertainment was self-managed. We had no iPods or Gameboys, we didn’t have an iPad to watch movies. All we had were ourselves. And a Timetables cassette tape and a slow literacy game on a portable

For hours on end I would stare out of the window and invent stories in my head. If we were lucky enough we could fall asleep, but not stretch past the middle line as so conveniently divided by my brother. But for the most part the only entertainment we had was the repeating Country and Western songs on Dad’s cassette.

Boredom did not exist – or so we were told. [Tweet this!]

The world of today is vastly different from the world in which we grew up in. We, the Millennials have adopted technology into our lives like our first child. We live and breathe the smartphone, tablets and laptops. We are connected.

Entertainment of the past consisted of people attending live shows or listening to Radio Plays. Imagination was essential. It was entirely up to you to entertain yourself given the means at your disposal. Freedom at is core.

Throughout my teenage years, I was fairly rebellious. Although I was intelligent enough to have a game plan that would allow me to succeed undetected. I figured that if I managed to continuously get good grades and keep my parents happy by pretending that I was making the ‘right’ decisions, they wouldn’t think twice that I might be running around behind their backs sneaking out and drinking. Moreover, I never really was where I said I was.

Dangerous and stupid, but nothing outside of anything a normal teenager would engage in. Again I relied on keeping up with my homework and grades so that there would be no reasons to be suspicious of my balancing act of partying and studying.

To the most part, my parents weren’t entirely in the dark. They just knew part of the story. The part I had decided to expose, and the part that they would be happy to hear. [Tweet this!]

ctn16Turning 16 I had come across a great realisation. As intuitive thinker, I took at look at the life that I was living and how exactly it made me feel. We spent our weekends walking through the suburbs in Mytikos, a USA jumper and a six pack of Barcardi Breezers. I had come to the conclusion that drinking a six pack every weekend was sucking my wallet dry of cash and causing me to wake up feeling hung over. So with that, I gave up.

As a 16 year old I had analysed in it’s entirely the culture of alcohol consumption and the immediate effects on my wellbeing. I had come to the conclusion that drinking these sugary drinks was creating no benefit in my life and I wasn’t having any more fun under the influence.

It was at this point that I had realised that the liquid courage that so many others relied on was doing nothing to me. I was already arrogantly confident and had the ability to make fun out of nothing. My epiphany highlighted that I was happy just being a part of the action without being inebriated.

Not long after I turned 18, and as soon as I had the choice between driving my car and drinking, I would always choose my car. Fantastic for those friends who always had a personal taxi to take them to and from places, and a negative for me who realised that I was getting extremely used by these people.

Ten years on since I first got my license, and I am still committing to a 95% rule of not drinking. Yes, I enjoy the occasional Espresso Martini and a glass of wine on a hot day. But that is about it. If I drink it is because I feel thirsty, I never drink to get drunk.

The point I am trying to make here is that you do not need alcohol to have a good time. I am often confused for being “wasted” by those around me, who watch my incredibly smooth and erratic dance moves. That my confidence is drawn from not caring what other people think about me.

And that if you can’t entertain yourself without substance, then it is you that in fact lacks substance. [Tweet this!]

AloneAtTheOfficePartyThe hardest part about being a non-drinker is that you sit outside the drunkard world. That you can sometimes be seen as boring or that you just don’t get it. In reality I actually find it hard to have fun if my friends are not drinking. Rarely do I find another individual that is that free spirited enough that substance is not required.

In addition, I do also have ‘rules of engagement’ for living in an influenced culture. I have come to the conclusion that there is a stage in the night where people go from ‘happy drinker’ to ‘sloppy drunk’. That is precisely 2.30am. Past 2.30am you will find that most people are unable to have simple conversations with you. It is also the time for the dance floor creep to mosey over and try to construct a sentence of spit into your ear.

For me, choosing not to drink is a choice decided only by enjoyment. It does not entertain me like what it does to others. If anything, alcohol only makes me more introverted and forces me inside my head. I become critical of myself and paranoid about what people think about me. All of which as a sober person I do not have.

imagesAustralians rely heavily on this ‘drinking culture’ it is everywhere. It is unavoidable. We eat and we drink. It is the central point for entertainment venues and for most businesses the biggest percentage of profit. The need to engage and escape from our mundane lives is what pushes us through our weekdays. And what I hate the most is the surprise on people’s faces when they say “wait, don’t you drink?”

I do not have a contagious disease, I just do not enjoy drinking.
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Ideally I would love to see the world move past a focus on substance and back to the very core in which we started from. Alike those two kids sitting in the back of the Bronco, we all have the right to dream. Our imagination is the single most powerful talent that we have and it pains me to see so much of it squashed by an influenced culture.

“Free yourself from the habits of the mainstream.” [Tweet this!]

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There is a life after MasterChef shows Alice Zaslavsky.

Season 5 of MasterChef has finally come to our television screens. A new year and a new bunch. Some will be as quickly as forgotten as their predecessors. Off the top of my head I can name barely five that have had any sort of televised career after sweating their way to the top in the MasterChef kitchen.4d66af0dd4da723c4705c763f1329b1e

So what is it all about? What is it that MasterChef can give you that the real world can’t? For Alice Zaslavsky, MasterChef was the spring board for her career change into television and her movement into the world of food.

I have known Alice for a number of years now, we met at Melbourne University in the Bachelor of Teaching. I remember the first time I saw her, she sat in the front of the class with her over sized dorky glasses, and interjected knowledge of Curriculum and Assessment as if she had been here before. I was immediately drawn to her. I remember thinking, ‘geez this girl would be so much prettier without those glasses’. But for Alice it was never about, (in her words) being a “total babe”, Alice is Alice.

MasterChef-2012-Elimination-Interview-Alice-Zaslavsky-Highlights-Big-Personality-Glasses-MoreIn the MasterChef kitchen her eclectic dress sense was showcased through a variety of large t-shirts. And the glasses are just as much a part of her as her ability to evolve her life around the world of ultimate ‘punning’. For Alice, MasterChef was likened to going to a ‘Food University’, which provided her with practical skills that gave her the opportunity to explore a wider range of options for the future.

The reality of the MasterChef world is that it is fierce. And by fierce I am not referring to the competition. It was all the ins and outs of living with a number of other people in the same house. Living and cooking together and having to wake up everyday and not know what you are preparing for. Alike Alice, all the other contestants in the house had limited contact with the outside world. She was given the ability to phone her Fiancé Nick once a week for ten minutes, and their only other way of contact was via letters.

The most difficult part for Alice, was living with such a large variety of people from all walks of life. And unless you know Alice, you will have a hard time trying work out her quirky sense of humour. This has allowed her to become such a highly crafted school teacher and an idol of many of her students.529830_10152575112970298_619051961_n

For Alice, MasterChef was never entirely about being a chef. All Alice knew was that her love of food and cooking was something that she wanted to pursue. As a normally chatty and social person, the behind the scenes work in the kitchen would never be suited to her personality. And as a natural teacher, and by natural I mean one of those people that easily slip into the role of performing and educating without hesitation, Alice is best suited to a role in which she would be able to showcase the best of her quick witted personality. What she inevitably learned from teaching, was the power of celebrity and how to make safe choices in respect to her actions.

914_512x288Of course I could never really interview Alice entirely, without asking her to reveal the decisions behind the cooking of that tongue. Alice said that at that stage in the MasterChef kitchen, she knew they could cook anything in the pantry. It was one of the very rare times when contestants were given such a large leash. Walking into the pantry, Alice eyed the tongue and believed that as the tongue sat there as a option, this could be her only chance to cook with it. She concluded her thoughts were ‘why would they give it as an option if the contestants did not have enough time to cook it?’ For Alice, she saw this as a challenge to make her stand out from the crowd. In the end, we saw that both Alice and Andy – the season’s winner – both did really badly in this challenge. But for Alice this meant that she had to set the bar higher, if she was going to have a real shot at winning.393097_10152830778900298_1876984425_n

As seen in the show, Alice made it to the final seven. A noteworthy achievement that was made that much better by having Nick with her on her final show. From memory Alice skipped off set and escaped through those MasterChef doors hand in hand with her Prince Charming. The perfect ending to a fairytale journey.

308047_10100559000270877_442322423_nSince leaving the show in 2012, Alice has had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of functions and events. More recently she got to attend the Stroke Foundation dinner. But most of all Alice enjoys the opportunity to host live demonstrations in front of an audience. I was with her at the Melbourne Show last year. Housed in the Good Food and Wine tent, I sat eagerly behind the stage listening to the best of ‘Aliceisms’. It was made all the more exciting by the visit from ex-students who were eager to chat to Alice or ‘Miss Z’ before we left.

940821_10152827301570298_733222381_nBeing on MasterChef had opened so many doors, that without the notoriety of television she may have never seen. If you turn your television on at 7:30am on Channel GO, you will see Alice hosting the new episodes of Kitchen Whiz. For Alice, Kitchen Whiz is like teaching again, which is something ex-teachers really miss. Personally I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect for this type of show.

Before the first episode of Kitchen Whiz began filming, Alice reflects that when she was sitting in the Green Room, it felt like she was in a dream. For it was at this moment she felt like she was exactly where she should be. Alice was in her element, where she could entertain and educate children about food and healthy living. She finally felt at home.

73356_10152728760060298_127719800_nAmidst the drama of the MasterChef kitchen, her eager boyfriend Nick, sat at home with Alice’s engagement ring. He had planned the proposal long before Alice escaped to Sydney and was hidden behind the circle of the MasterChef M. He had already spoken with Father Zaslavsky and was waiting for the right moment to propose. Waiting patiently till Alice returned, Nick finally proposed and confessed his love for Alice at the family dinner. It was the most beautiful time for Alice and her family. A long awaited relief.

This is the point in the story, where I make claim to the introduction of Alice and Nick. Who were really destined to be together from their first meeting. When she would tell me of their elaborate exchanges, I knew this man had stolen her heart. He was perfect for Alice. I was happy for her, although I had lost my gym buddy.

264538_10152856415590298_524220243_nAlice has many addictions other than food. She has an extreme love of exercise and being all over healthy. It was why we connected initially and it was what made our friendship thrive into a flourished entity. As a Osteopath, Nick had a keen interest in fitness himself, and the two of them entered into the world of CrossFit. It is not for the faint hearted. Extreme sports and agility combined into fitness and challenge. Alice always loved to be challenged. As a gymnast growing up, CrossFit seemed like an easy progression.

Life for Alice since MasterChef has been busy. Currently she is planning her wedding and filming for Kitchen Whiz, all while writing her recipe book for teenagers. Her book is all about real food, using accessible ingredients whilst maintaining Alice’s comedic element and of course she wouldn’t be a teacher without providing factual references. By the end of the year, it will be available on shelves and I am eagerly awaiting it’s release.

971623_10152866878775298_1941773658_nAlice could not have come this far without some highlights of her own. She made reference to all of the wonderful places that she has been able to cook at such as the Seppelts Winery’s caves and on a small island, as well as cooking for the Israeli Ambassador.

So where is the little girl from Melbourne with the oversized glasses headed? For Alice her goals have always been the same, to look back on her journeys and to help others. She wants to travel, endure more study as well as use her skills for curriculum writing. Since the show, Alice and Julia have remained the best of friends. However Julia has scored a job in the kitchen with Zumbo and when Alice gets the chance she heads to Sydney to spend time with Julia and her furry family.

390696_10152830855365298_80914926_nAll in all MasterChef has provided Alice with the springboard into the world that she was destined to be in. I am proud of her achievements thus far, and she clearly sends her message to follow your dream. I wish Alice all the best with all of her future endeavors. As her success is finally beginning to take shape.

“Big things come to those who do.”

Alice writes her thoughts on