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Want to WIN a makeover?

makeover1Want to WIN a VIP hair and makeup makeover by a TOP international brand?

Then today is your day…  I just entered. It is something big!

I am sharing it with you so you can have a chance as well.

To enter >



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@DanniiMinogue gets spotty for @InvisibleZinc and @MelanomaAus #IZSpotCheck

If you haven’t see the video of the gorgeous Dannii Minogue covered in spots,
then you are missing out!!!

The best part about this video is that every time it is shared $1 from Invisible Zinc will go to supporting the prevention and cure of skin cancer by donating to the Melanoma Institute of Australia!
So get sharing! It is a great cause!

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Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions by Amanda Peterson

I don’t normally write posts giving recommendations on products or services, but this time I couldn’t do justification to my audience without writing a post about the incredible Eyelash Extensions that have made my way into my lashes.

I would like to formally introduce to you Russian Volume Lashes. They are absolutely incredible and I am going to tell you exactly why. MsMMango Eyelashes by Amanda Peterson

On the basic level and through my photographs, they might look relatively similar normal lash extensions. The point of difference is the sheer number of lashes that Russian Volume is able to give you. On my lashes there are currently 600 lashes on my eyes. With normal extensions you are looking at roughly 70.

Russian Volume Lashes are six dimensional as up to six lashes can be applied to one natural lash. And it works on the premise that the thicker your natural lashes, the more Russian Volume Lashes that can be applied.
MsMMango Eyelashes by Amanda Peterson

Russian Volume Lashes are much thinner than regular extensions, which allows more lashes to be applied and creating the multi-dimensional effect. However if the high number of lashes is not your forte then two to four lashes can be applied for a more natural look.

As a relatively new lash technology only a small number of Lash Artists are trained in Russian Volume. So it is important to choose an accredited Lash Artist that has the right training. As an extremely technical method of applying lashes and it should not be attempted by technician who is not highly experienced. If not applied correctly, adhering this number of extensions onto the lashes can be disastrous. And finally, most importantly the natural lashes must not be stuck together at the end of the application. MsMMango Eyelashes by Amanda Peterson

In saying that, I know a lot of people assume that Eyelash Extensions are bad for your lashes. And to this I will tell you that I have been getting my lashes done for about six years. During this time my natural lashes have stayed in fantastic condition and this is all attributed to the incredible work of Amanda Peterson. Had I had not had such healthy lashes, there is no way she would have been able to put 600 Russian Volume Lashes on my 100 lashes.

Amanda Peterson is a Eyelash Extension Industry leader; her knowledge and reputation is backed by accredited Eyelash Training Courses, her recent move into the Norbu Spa within The Olsen Hotel and finally her entry as 1 in 36 ‘Lash Wars’ worldwide competition in Las Vegas. I am looking to follow her progress on this one and I am very excited to see her compete for Australia.MsMMango Eyelashes by Amanda Peterson

So if you are still thinking that you would like to try Eyelash Extensions, then I highly recommend that you book in with Amanda, so that you end up with a incredible result such as mine.

MsMMango Eyelashes by Amanda Peterson



“Let the length of the lash define you.” [Tweet this!]


To follow Amanda’s progress at Lash Wars:

Facebook: amandapetersoneyestyling 

Twitter: mandspeterson

Instagram: amandapetersoneyestyling 

Lash Wars with Amanda Peterson

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Vibradermabrasion – Refresh your skin

Have the effects of a long hot summer have left your skin feeling tired, dry and red? Then it is time for a Vibradermabrasion session at
Vitruvius Divine.

What is Vibraderambrasion?

In short, Vibradermabrasion is a new therapy designed to exfoliate any part of the skin. It works by non-invasively removing the stratum corneum (the skin’s outter most layer). Once exfoliated your skin will become more permeable thus resulting in the restoration of moisture through proceeding with skin hydration therapy.

Vibradermabrasion improves the look of skin by cleaning and the removal of dead skin cells. During treatments therapists will apply a hydrating therapy to continue the dermal infusion of the skin. Vibradermabrasion in combination with the high quality skin care products available at Vitruvius Divine will help you to achieve the skin you want.

VibradermVibradermabrasion can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions:

  • Acne scaring
  • Early signs of ageing  – fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scaring from lesions
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Sun damage and dull skin
  • Poor skin texture
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin discolouration and age spots
  • Keratosis pilaris (arm bumps)

As a painless and quick treatment, no aftercare is required and patients will be able to apply makeup directly after. At Virtruvius Divine, we recommend a series of  30 minute treatments to ensure the best results. Results will also vary.