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Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

Some days you actually just wish someone would come along with a tayzer and give you the zap you need to get started.

Before my beautiful trip to Vegas, I was ‘Miss Motivation’! I was out on my bike smashing KMs in the wind. Now all I can think about is how to avoid any sort of cardio training. “I’m like totes CBF!


There are two types of fitness fiends in the world. Those good with team sports and balls, and those who enjoy the 15 minute run on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill. Trying to get myself to a gym for a casual session is harder than pulling teeth. I am so bored with self-motivated fitness; I’d rather chew off my leg. For this reason I play sport.

I am currently playing a regular Softball game, which is not the sport for fitness buffs. Realistically you only need to be able to run a little, and a massive hit is always more warranted. As long as you can get to the first base, then you’ve got it covered. However preceding weekend this proved more than difficult. I did mange to hit five fouls.

Social Mixed Netball, which has sadly gone to the dogs, as we could never get enough members to commit permanently. It’s the most frustrating part, when you are keen to play and others play ‘whenevs’. I hate the non-committal netballers, I play the game for two reasons; 1) to burn calories and 2) to challenge my brain in a different way.


Reaching 27, over the last couple of days means that I have hit the most vital point for a women. Apparently the theory is ‘everything goes downhill after 27’. This indeed is a scary predicament that I have landed myself in. Isn’t 27 the year that you are supposed to accept yourself for who you are? Or is that what just older people say to make themselves feel good?

Armed with the thought that my ridiculously great metabolism may be moving towards a slower existence is scary. I can only look back to the 29 kilos that I weighed when I was 12. Is this inability to be motivated for exercise just another stage? Or is it reflective of a positive identity establishment?

More recently I have become fascinated with the workings of the mind. In particular, the workings of the minds around me. Why people do the things they do? It has led me into readings of various social theorists such as Freud, Foucault and Erikson. When reflecting between the situations in my adult life and those I deal with daily in the classroom. I can draw enormous conclusions. I am seeing the same behavioural patterns with adults as I do with children.


It is these patterns of restrictive development and defense mechanisms, which are ultimately able to lead me to direct my conclusions to the social class networks formed from Aldous Huxley’s, ‘A Brave New World’. I cannot help to relate Huxley’s view of the society with my own real world experiences. I agree with the American Psychological Association (1) that adult cognition can be seriously affected by the educational choices of an adult in their 20s. Moreover, I would relate this to a form of ‘educational enlightenment’.

It is this attempt to seek answers and explanations for behaviour that I can reflect on my own path to self-discovery. I’m at a point in my life where I want to change the way my life is going. I guess on the basic level I am happy. I am happy with the person who I have become, but I also still wonder if I had been more committed to sport as a teenager, then maybe I wouldn’t find so much difficulty in motivating myself as an adult.

Ironically in conversing with others, I have established exactly what it is I need to do with my own life. I am looking at whom I want to take with me into the next 10 years. I am learning about myself and about the thought processes of others. I have learnt that many do not give me back as much as I feel I give them. However this will not stop me from being the person I have become.

The flavour of the month in my vastly spread social circle is to have children. This is scary because I believe that I am not ready. I don’t know if I will ever be ready. What is more poignant is that it is actually harder to get pregnant than our parents have told us, with more and more people looking to various forms of hormone replacement to facilitate fertilisation. And to this effect, I can hear the clock ticking.

top-five-get-smarter-1I teach my students that ‘life is about getting smarter’, that the more intelligent you are the more successful you will be. I do not mean entirely that students need further education in order to develop themselves, but it is a good start. As much as I sat there in University dreaming about my life outside the hour in the lecture theatre, I am surprised with the amount of information I have obtained. An example would be the practice of being about to teach World War One history right out of my head or the ability to reference The Russian Revolution as the beginning of Socialist Movements of the 20th Century.

I am a glass half full person and the events of the last couple of weeks have demonstrated to me that there is more to life than the bumps in the road. And to this effect you have to keep going, that life is really not as bad as it could be. These are the exact words I gave to a year 12 today, who thought nothing could be worse that the bitchy high school fights of last year. Unfortunately, my further explanation of life provided her with no real relief other than that this is how it is.

So, my goals for the next year are going to be centered around the development of my mind. I want to expand and challenge myself in a breadth of social and academic activities that allow me to further facilitate personal educational enlightenment. And by this I mean I want change. I feel no longer challenged by the context of the world in which I exist. Challenges in this world are only against my emotional wellbeing and not pitted against my intellect. I want to thrive in the world around me whilst I can. And I do not want to take NO for answer, especially if it is coming from me.

“Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood” Stephen Covey


1) Arnett, J. (2006). “Emerging Adults in America, Coming of Age in the 21st Century.”American Psychological Association.

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Being Clueless is not just a movie about females..

Thank goodness for the Internet! It has provided men with copious amounts of material to write love letters with!

However, love letters can do just as much damage as they can do good.

Upon chatting with my girlfriend, I stumbled across this email that she had been sent from a clueless male after two face to face meetings.

Lets just say it went down like a lead ballon. It wasn’t worthy of a reply because a reply would require an email with some substance so that the respondent could formulate a response. There is no response necessary.

Considering these factors, I thought it was worthy of an inclusion to Mangoes World blog.

Feel free to comment.. I’d love to know what the male population out there think.


Dear Tiffany,

Quick note to say, among a few other ramblings, that I hope this week is proving at least slightly more relaxing for you than the past couple.

I’d also like to take a moment to make a couple of points blatantly obvious…just in case my measured “say the right thing in a suit” demeanour has resulted in any misrepresentation:

Nervous energy, it’s a net positive.
It may not be immediately apparent, however I’ve had a measured level of nervous energy during our catch ups…although potentially awkward, this state of hyper-care is a compliment, or a slightly anxious sign of respect, whichever you prefer… Thinking now, it’s also partially attributable to being on the back foot after learning in the early stages that I best be a gentleman or face prompt disconnection… Given a little relaxed face time and a few laughs I should warm up, considerably.

I find you VERY attractive.
This fact stands firm both physically (no pun intended) and mentally. Apart from a taxi riddled mid-week street corner and drenched car park rooftop I haven’t had an opportunity to express this. Your confidence and accomplished self-assurance is v hot indeed, in fact I’d go so far as to say I’ve well & truly met my match in this regard. I could digress and go into lengthy detail on all things attraction, however should one eventuate this is best left for another occasion. In short the information I’ve had the pleasure of processing to date has been near on overwhelmingly impressive, including that initial shut-down – respect.

You’ve missed out on much of my bravado.

Lucky you, most of it is at best mildly entertaining and a shallow facade for the genuine heart on sleeve character I couldn’t mask if I tried.

I’d like to see you again.
This much by now is almost certainly obvious, but worthy of noting nonetheless. Why is a reasonable question:

See above;
I have hamstring issues (kidding)
You have phenomenal teeth (seriously..)

In closing…

Have a lovely evening.


No clue, from Melbourne

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Let’s get married.

Nothing infuriates me more than restricting people for making decisions in their own lives. Or what’s worse when other people try to tell another what they can and can’t do.

I pride myself by being in control of my own decisions. I’m not willing to be told what to do by anyone and within this I am capable of accepting responsibility for my actions. But this only scratches the surface of what is bothering me.

The whole Gay Marriage debate. How is it even a debate? What are we debating?

As a society we recognize a Gay couple as a partnership but we don’t allow them to marry, share names, have children, have rights to custody and combined wealth? Are we ridiculous?

Why is being Gay viewed as being wrong? Ancient Greeks living in 700BC allowed for men to become mentors to younger males in the society. More commonly referred to as Pederasty this included various sexual acts and teachings. How the hell have we gone 2712 years from then and we banish homosexual relations?

What happened in between those 2712 years between? We can attribute it to religion as we know it. The end of polytheism and the movement towards monotheism. And it didn’t stop there.

Some Roman Emperor in order to gain total power of the church and the Roman Empire, decided to put together a book.

Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicaea created the bible as a compilation of his chosen chapters into a collection of works some 300 years after the death of Christ. (1) It did not represent one female voice. (Don’t get me started on that.) His little ‘Booky Wooky’ aimed to represent both the Pagans and the Christians whilst giving him the new title of The Holy Roman Emperor. Brilliant, world domination in the hands of one man. – It’s funny how history repeats itself. (Can be seen again in the 1930’s with Hilter’s attempted revival of the Holy Roman Empire.)

I view religion as ‘old form government’, and thus explaining the dynamic shift from secular beliefs to atheism. But now that government and the police exist why do we need religion?

Essentially we don’t. The Ten Commandments are scattered throughout modern day law. So we don’t need to rely on the Church to provide us meaningful insight into the rights and the wrongs. No longer do we fear excommunication.

Bring forth this new world, one of moral consciousness and all out prudish ways. If you’re not the family with the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids then forget it. You have no place in society.

“Using individual and ambiguous biblical passages as a basis for threatening people with eternal damnation leads to a kid of scriptural positivism, which may turn out to be a matter of the cruel abuse of religious power.”Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: A Historical Perspective – Martti Nissinen (2004) – Well said Nissinen!!

I believe no Gay person wakes up one day and decides to CHOOSE a life of prejudice and exclusions. We are born gay, and moreover I believe everyone sits on a scale. That you’re never 100% straight or gay.

The institution of marriage is a development by the Church in order to unite a ‘presumably loving couple’ for life. Many gays do not want a marriage as such but a civil union. To be recognized as a unit, just like the rest of us.

So how many of you homophobics out there will be actually be affected by a Gay Marriage? None. It’s really none of your business. So why worry about it?

Unsubstantiated claims made by a ridiculous Liberal Senator of late, that Gay Marriage will lead to Bestiality is horrendous! Because the last time I checked, Gays had to be humans of the same sex! Gay Marriage will not lead to the marriage between animals and humans.

Maybe this ill-fated loose tongued politician would be best suited to Denmark where it is not against the law to engage in sexual relations with an animal. He might have a better case. (2)

Moreover this is the 21st Century. We have previously abolished slavery in 1833, we have given Australian women the vote in 1902. And American elected it’s first black president in 2008. It is about time that we let this one go.

Alas, religion followers out there. You shall not be hurt by this decision. It will not make you any more or less ‘entitled’. Ultimately and realistically it will not change anything!

Let’s focus on more pressing issues like Global Warming and Carbon Tax… Because Jesus we always need more tax.




1) Further references to the Council of Nicaea and Constantine the Great-

2) An example of current day protests against Zoophilia/Bestiality –

*****It is worth noting that my religious beliefs are impartial to any religion. Just ‘religion as power’. I am a baptized Christian who is now an atheist and believer in solid historical evidence, hence why I can not believe a book written by man. I reject oppression of any kind, but I accept those who chose to believe in a higher power. I accept anyone. It’s part of what that makes me so angry with prejudice in the first place as “it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.” I believe if it doesn’t effect you personally then why worry about it?


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