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I created a natural and Vegan shampoo bar called Solibar… 🌿

Sitting at home one afternoon, I was watching my daughter (one) play with her toys, most of which are made from plastic in one way or another. It got me thinking.

The world we live in today is all about the end result. We choose products for the desired outcome without considering the consequences of these products and furthermore their effect on our health or the environment. 🌿

There are chemical additions to everything we eat, we use, we clean and even we wear. These chemicals are the bad guys. And whilst they have allowed us to achieve a higher form of convenience, they are resulting in a lower form of health.

Born out of the need to find a product that doesn’t contain unnecessary chemicals for my toddler, I created a shampoo bar called Solibar.

Solibar is a natural and Vegan shampoo bar that is designed to moisturise your hair whilst giving you the amazing benefits of natural ingredients.

As a baseline, all of my Solibar’s contain coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and shea butter. Where they differ is the inclusion of super ingredients like zinc, Alkanet Root, French Pink Clay, and French Yellow Clay – which are all incredible ingredients designed to promote hair growth and keep sensitivities at bay.

The best part – they’re all handmade in Melbourne! Which makes them individually unique but loveable at the same time.

I wanted to create a shampoo bar that was going to:

shampoo your hair in the same way as conventional shampoo 🧖🏼‍♀️

be the best option for healthy haircare & not contain any nasties 🌴

decrease the need for conditioner, by creating a bar that is moisturising 💆‍♂️ 

not contribute to the already increasing rubbish created by plastic bottles 🌿


So, if you’ve thought about making the switch to a healthy haircare alternative – now is the time to do it. Head to the website and check out my (And the pics below)
~ Mango

Ps: sorry I’ve been busy but I’ve had a kid / started a shampoo bar brand. #MumLife

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Let’s get married.

Nothing infuriates me more than restricting people for making decisions in their own lives. Or what’s worse when other people try to tell another what they can and can’t do.

I pride myself by being in control of my own decisions. I’m not willing to be told what to do by anyone and within this I am capable of accepting responsibility for my actions. But this only scratches the surface of what is bothering me.

The whole Gay Marriage debate. How is it even a debate? What are we debating?

As a society we recognize a Gay couple as a partnership but we don’t allow them to marry, share names, have children, have rights to custody and combined wealth? Are we ridiculous?

Why is being Gay viewed as being wrong? Ancient Greeks living in 700BC allowed for men to become mentors to younger males in the society. More commonly referred to as Pederasty this included various sexual acts and teachings. How the hell have we gone 2712 years from then and we banish homosexual relations?

What happened in between those 2712 years between? We can attribute it to religion as we know it. The end of polytheism and the movement towards monotheism. And it didn’t stop there.

Some Roman Emperor in order to gain total power of the church and the Roman Empire, decided to put together a book.

Constantine the Great and the Council of Nicaea created the bible as a compilation of his chosen chapters into a collection of works some 300 years after the death of Christ. (1) It did not represent one female voice. (Don’t get me started on that.) His little ‘Booky Wooky’ aimed to represent both the Pagans and the Christians whilst giving him the new title of The Holy Roman Emperor. Brilliant, world domination in the hands of one man. – It’s funny how history repeats itself. (Can be seen again in the 1930’s with Hilter’s attempted revival of the Holy Roman Empire.)

I view religion as ‘old form government’, and thus explaining the dynamic shift from secular beliefs to atheism. But now that government and the police exist why do we need religion?

Essentially we don’t. The Ten Commandments are scattered throughout modern day law. So we don’t need to rely on the Church to provide us meaningful insight into the rights and the wrongs. No longer do we fear excommunication.

Bring forth this new world, one of moral consciousness and all out prudish ways. If you’re not the family with the white picket fence and the 2.5 kids then forget it. You have no place in society.

“Using individual and ambiguous biblical passages as a basis for threatening people with eternal damnation leads to a kid of scriptural positivism, which may turn out to be a matter of the cruel abuse of religious power.”Homoeroticism in the Biblical World: A Historical Perspective – Martti Nissinen (2004) – Well said Nissinen!!

I believe no Gay person wakes up one day and decides to CHOOSE a life of prejudice and exclusions. We are born gay, and moreover I believe everyone sits on a scale. That you’re never 100% straight or gay.

The institution of marriage is a development by the Church in order to unite a ‘presumably loving couple’ for life. Many gays do not want a marriage as such but a civil union. To be recognized as a unit, just like the rest of us.

So how many of you homophobics out there will be actually be affected by a Gay Marriage? None. It’s really none of your business. So why worry about it?

Unsubstantiated claims made by a ridiculous Liberal Senator of late, that Gay Marriage will lead to Bestiality is horrendous! Because the last time I checked, Gays had to be humans of the same sex! Gay Marriage will not lead to the marriage between animals and humans.

Maybe this ill-fated loose tongued politician would be best suited to Denmark where it is not against the law to engage in sexual relations with an animal. He might have a better case. (2)

Moreover this is the 21st Century. We have previously abolished slavery in 1833, we have given Australian women the vote in 1902. And American elected it’s first black president in 2008. It is about time that we let this one go.

Alas, religion followers out there. You shall not be hurt by this decision. It will not make you any more or less ‘entitled’. Ultimately and realistically it will not change anything!

Let’s focus on more pressing issues like Global Warming and Carbon Tax… Because Jesus we always need more tax.




1) Further references to the Council of Nicaea and Constantine the Great-

2) An example of current day protests against Zoophilia/Bestiality –

*****It is worth noting that my religious beliefs are impartial to any religion. Just ‘religion as power’. I am a baptized Christian who is now an atheist and believer in solid historical evidence, hence why I can not believe a book written by man. I reject oppression of any kind, but I accept those who chose to believe in a higher power. I accept anyone. It’s part of what that makes me so angry with prejudice in the first place as “it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.” I believe if it doesn’t effect you personally then why worry about it?