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Love My Body – #Bali Health Retreat


Love My Body


Love My Body specialises in health retreats and runs 6 retreats per year in Bali, Byron Bay and out of Melbourne. Our health retreats are 6-7 days long or 3 days and leave everyone feeling amazing- with a focus on raw food, green food, lots of training and physical challenges, sunshine, massages, reading, thinking and healing.


Places are also already filling up for our Bali retreat!
The cost is $1950 per person and includes the following:

  • We stay in a beautiful village nestled in the hills of Ubud which has the most beautiful surroundings and natural noises.
  • The food is fresh locally grown and totally free of any nasties, most of which is grown in the village itself and we sip on fresh lemongrass and ginger tea all day long the is constantly re-filled at your bungalow door.
  • We train 2-3 times per day, plus treks up and around the mountain including a trek up the volcano at 3am to see the sunrise.
  • Also included in your package is a full body massage and pampering session at one of Ubud’s best day spa’s, dinner out one night to an organic vegetarian restaurant, a half day at the hot springs after our trek up the volcano and a bike tour.
  • This retreat will leave you feeling clean, light and physically challenged- and with a noticeable change in your body shape!

Your package also includes your transfer to the village on the day of the retreat and to your next destination afterward. you can arrive any time on the afternoon on day 1 and leave around 9-10am on the last day. Flights are excluded but if booked early you can get return flights under $700. Airasia/Jetstar  currently has flights for under $500 return. We recommend booking flights as early as possible to keep the cost down.
*Deposits (50%) for both Bali retreats are due for August retreat by July 15. 




Our next Byron retreat is running September 15th – September 21st 2014. Places are already filling up!
The cost is $2200 which includes the following:

  • On average we train for 3-4 hours per day (it sounds intense but because it is so varied and spread out over mornings and evenings and there is a group of us, you will find it challenging but achievable as a group).
  • The food is from the organic byron bay kitchen- organic raw style food, lots of green! It is delivered to the house each day.
  • We stay in a beautiful modern large house near the beach and town.
  • Days are spent mostly beach/shopping/pool but also in the itinerary, you have 1 hour massage/healing session. 30 minute card reading. 1/2 day of surfing.
  • Restorative yoga every second evening and your bike for the week which we get around on a lot.
  • Please note that we have group discounts on all activities and if you were to go off and do this holiday on your own you couldn’t do it at this cost. There are cheap flights with Jetstar (around $300 return).
  • You are expected at the house by 2pm the day of the retreats and we finish up around 9am on the last day.
  • We use the shuttle bus service from Byron airport which is $20.

*Please reserve your spot in this retreat ASAP. Payment due July 15th. In our last Byron retreat most of lost 2-3 kilograms (including me!) But the main difference was how clean light and energetic we felt afterward- most of the girls have since completely changed their lifestyles. this is one retreat not to be missed!


Mornington Peninsula-

These retreats will run based on attendance so express your interest now! They are 2 nights and 3 days long (Friday-Sunday).
You will be expected at the house by lunch time on the Friday and will leave late Sunday afternoon. They are $850 (excluding travel).
In these retreats we really make the most of 3 days!
They are very detox style and educational- with loads of training, green smoothies and vegetables and educational programs with me each night- on nutrition, weight loss and changing your lifestyles to support a healthy weight and happy outlook.
There will also be a day spa pampering session included at one of Daylesford’s spas and the large house we stay in is simply beautiful!
I promise to leave you bewildered at what we can achieve in just 3 days!
Full payment for our Easter retreat is required for our Christmas retreat October 1st.


Health Retreat Dates 2014
Bali:  August 3rd – 8th price $1950 (excluding flights)
Byron Bay: September 15th-21st  $2200 (excluding travel)
Mornington Peninsula: December 19th – 21st $850 (excluding travel)

Check out the testimonials section to read how effective the Love My Body Health Retreats really are!
Or go to our blog to read my post on both a Bali and Byron retreat.

NB: This post was written by Hayley Roper for


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Goodbye Bintang

APOLOGIES FOR FORMATTING… For some reason it’s not working in paragraphs..
After leaving the wretched grips of Gili Island we arrive back at our Grandmas Hotel. It was so nice to be home, and it was considerably less erratic than when we left. Meaning that NYE holiday makers had left and only the more fortunate holiday makers had stayed.
KuDeTa had now become lifeless. So we headed to The Legian Pub for some Gazzing. The atmosphere at Garry’s was always more intriguing and interesting that that of anywhere we went. Just Garry alone had the ability to drag you back to the moment.. A few Karaoke songs later and we were back in our room.
Seminyak had become a ghost town and the occurrence of several motorbikes asking if you like “transport” had lessened. But the torrential downpour had increased! It was a solid wet nightmare. There is nothing to do in Bali if it is raining. But to be depressed with the feeling of your tan fading with the raindrops. What a shocker! It bucketed down so much that a simple expedition to the Chemist /Apotek was a drenching affair. What an ending to an amazing trip..
As I could feel the orange Bali tan withdrawing itself from my body. It was this time I took to the beauty salon. Massage and hair colour was on the menu. My biggest concern was walking out with my hair burnt off… I was keeping an eye on the time, and only was allowing the ‘hairdresser’ to dye the underneath of my hair..  Shem came in late in the game, before retiring to his room. We were exhausted from the previous day, but didn’t want to be bound up in our rooms! Another shadowy nightmare within itself.
The temperature had also dropped. We were getting saturated and cold. Lucky my reality TV family, The Kardashians was on. A couple of episodes down the track and I was realising that Kris Humphries is a loser.
By Monday the rain had not ceased. It was still just as torrential. So we decided to head to The Haven to meet up with the boys from Gili.
They had fortunately been sitting at the bar since 11am, between squatting bees and a couple of vodkas. Meeting the boys worked out perfectly for me as I hadn’t wanted to have a panic attack heading down a river in a blow up boat,which meant that Shem could go with Dan. I could go shopping.
We too sat in the bar and watched the rain fall. 12hours later, and a $700 plus bill, Monty fell asleep on the couch. It was a big day, although we were eating and drinking alike kings. Shem and I retired before 12 and headed back to our room. Or should I say ‘Mother fucker drink doggy dog’. This wasn’t without an argument with the Taxi Driver over a measly 1000 Rup, or $1 AUD.
Shem’s insomniac ways had finally reached my patience level, with the TV turning on at 530am. He left for the rafting trip and I was left wide awake contemplating the following days, which at such an early time in the morning there was nothing else to do. By 7am I was ready for cable TV but I wasn’t meeting Tessa till 10am. Nightmare of the awake type.
Upon entering the world outside, the rain had finally ceased. Luckily I could get in some last minute shopping before heading home. And a killer Swarovski crystal pedicure, which ended costing me $58 AUD. I hadn’t anticipated that it was going to cost me anywhere near that amount… Until I got the bill.. Urgh!
I ended up meeting Mike at The Haven for dinner and we sat there contemplating theories for the future. An unlikely dinner date lead us straight into the psyche of human brain. We had established the fundamentals for relationships, the Danger Zone, discovery of one’s inner self, plans for the future, and who should pay the bill. It was nice to sit and chat for no alternate reason than we were both in Bali.
So we sit on the scummy floor of the Denpasar airport. No chairs left and a plane flying out at 23:40am. Lucky I had checked the ticket. I sure as hell didn’t want to be sitting at the airport all night like I had done once before with Nick.
To this I bid farewell to the f
ollowing items:
* Bali rain.
* Bintang bogans- shall I see a Bintang shirt again I will vomit.
* Massages as I can never afford to waste time or money in one again.
* Shem’s insomnia.
* Cigarette smoke by those around me and other thoughtless people.
* Alcohol- I’ve never consumed more than two drinks in my life and I wish not to ever again.
* Skin peel – thanks humidity for that one.
* The rough and crass Australian put on accent. Really it’s embarrassing.
* Bali waiters, they really empathize the ‘wait’ part.
* Street smells and the smell of incense in stores.
* Broken footpaths, with the potential to fall.
So long Bintang world!! Until we meet again!
~Enrichment is a sense of belonging~
~ Mango

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Gili Gili

Leaving Seminyak we headed into Ubud to the Monkey Forrest. To be honest I wasn’t that keen on visiting the Forrest.. For a couple of reasons; 1) monkeys are disgusting flea bag disease carrying creatures and 2) forrest = vegetation = Mosquitos!

Manning up, Shemu and I crept into the depths of the forrest. We purchased some bananas at the entrance to ensure we didn’t get anything stolen. Shem wanted to see what would happen if he tried to play tug of war with one.

Me on the other hand was using the bananas as a buffer for disease. I am the first to admit that I screamed when one came running towards me with his stinking hands out.

We scored a cute little bungalow villa in a hotel west of the forrest. It was two stories, with the bottom being the bathroom and then you had to climb the steps up to our bed. I say ‘our’ because this was the first time we’d slept in the same bed. “Taking our relationship to the next level.” At this point this was the least of my worries, we were amidst vegetation and this meant the enemy – Mosquitos!!

Panic set in as usual. I left incense to fill the room and carefully let down the Mosquito netting.. It would have been romantic if we were both with someone else. Instead we drifted off in between air conditioner on and off.

The worse part was Shem’s insomnia in combination with the squeakiest door in the world. Worst sleep ever!! I had wished I had taken a sleeping tablet!

Awakening at the crack of dawn, I ate a staple breakfast of pancakes and awaited the arrival of our driver to the harbor.

The Balinese in general are lovely. Each with intricate stories of their lives. Many living in conditions I wouldn’t let my dog sleep in. We had already given a couple of thousand to a lady who slept on the side of the road with one kid in her lap and another behind her. Compelled by their stories of the simple life, we asked our driver to tell us of his life.

Eating three meals of rice per day, and probably earning the equivalent to $2 per day, our driver was bubbly and excited to drive us to the harbor. He told us of living at home with his entire family including parents and working late hours to feed his family.

It really puts perspective on things. I worry mostly about having enough money to travel to buy the things I want. I do not worry about not having enough money to eat. Although with my current employment situation that might come into reality. But everything always works out. I tipped our driver 100,000 which is about $10, which will help out his new born baby, which is unlikely to be educated.

As a lover of sea travel, I was über excited to spend a couple of hours ripping through the water in a speed boat. We made friends with a two boys from Perth. Shem was happy as I had someone to chew the ear off instead of his. I was already complaining of his silences in travel. Nothing bugs me more. “Let’s debate world issues” I always say!

Almost three hours later we get to Gili Trawagan, the largest of the three Gili islands. We hadn’t booked accommodation, which is unlike me. Arriving into the port, we noted that the journey of Asylum Seekers is almost worthy of entry into a foreign country. Being on a shanty wooden boat and traveling for months on the open ocean is a nightmare in itself.

Fresh of the boat we were met with “accommodation” from a local who asked us to follow him down a little filthy lane to a ‘Homestay’ house. I couldn’t have been more disgusted. It reminded me of the crack den hotel Dover and I stayed in Phnom Penh. I was done with it, find me a Internet cafe and I’ll pay $1000.

Fortunately we were able to secure rooms for about $150 a night. That night I was exhausted and could barely wait from Shem to return from the gym. 7pm I was gone. About 9 days of hitting the nightlife in Bali hard, had accumulated to a 12 hour sleep.

Waking up at 7am is so in these days, considering Shem has been awake since 5:30am, it’s just an average morning. The only downside is that you’re up so early that days seem to last forever.

We hired bicycles a little before 8am and head off our a tour of the island. An hour and a half later we arrived back in the same spot. I did however learn a couple of things; 1) buy a bigger bike seat and 2) stand up when you go over bumps. My bottom is ridiculously sore and all I could thinking was about Chelsea and her 250km around the bay. And finally 3) I am totally into bike riding now.

So by 1130am we had cycled the whole island. So what next? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Apart from a snorkel we had done Gili in an hour and a half. I was immensely bored. Should have learnt my lesson on how much I hated Fiji, that I should not go to places with nothing to do. This really doesn’t help my self diagnosed ADD.

I spent the rest of the afternoon being creeped on by a Cuban at the pool bar. Shem had snorkel and landed face to face with a turtle- ‘cockroaches of the sea’.

There is no mechanical transport on Gili, it’s either bicycle or horse and cart. I hated every minute of getting on the back of these horses, who have been working all day. They also look under fed. I felt as if I was paying into this slave labour, but as the roads were unpaved we had no option. On a side note my Samsonite suitcase is full of dirt and I’m not happy.

We rode past a turtle farm and patted the back of the little cuties. I wasn’t keen on holding one, but was happy to donate 100,000 to the conservation. If not for myself then for Linz.

After dinner we planned up to catch up with the boys, but forgot the place we were supposed to meet so we settled into a mattress as hard as the floor. Great!

By the early hours of the morning, I was done with sleeping on concrete and we packed up ready for the boat ride back to Seminyak. This is where I write now. Between sweating profusely and swaying side to side with the waves, I’m feeling lucky they gave me water and a cupcake.

The whole ride from the harbor back to the hotel took two hours. Meaning we began traveling at 10am and finally got to the hotel at 4pm. Absolutely unequivocally a nightmare of the horror variety..

We are ready for GrandmasHotel and KuDeTa. I’m done with sea travel!!

Ps. Gili is a waste of time. Go to Fiji.

~We are shaped by the experiences in which we seek~




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Welcome to Bali

Embarking on our first journey overseas with Shemu was going to be fun. My tarot reader had already informed me of some complications initially but then I will end up having a load of fun. So true to date.

Complications are the best of times are bad, but I was interested in seeing how this whole thing was going to plan out.

Arriving at the airport met us with golf ball sized hail stones. This meant that we were shitting ourselves over our cars at home and the eventual grounding of our plane.

A two hour delay saw me begin my book, Geoffrey Blainey ‘A Short History of the World. It was at this point we ran into Jac, Mel, Lee, Hoges, Gia, and Jonsey. Our mood was set.. The wolf pack of two had gained another six.

Shemu and I were lucky enough to score Business Class Tickets, which meant food and drink to your hearts content. Which is where we met Brad. The coolest attendant I have ever met. We hit it off like house on fire. He rocked our world, well mostly mine, as it was me chatting away about our dissimilar taste in men.

Upon arrival, Shemu bartered a cab for half price to take us to Grandma’s hotel. The place really wasn’t bad. It had only been open for a couple of nights and everything was new. Reminded me somewhat of those crummy TUNE hotels in Malaysia. But we didn’t have to pay for the towels!

First plan was to get to Potato Head and buy NYE tickets. As Shem woke up at 530am we were out of the house by about 8am. Arriving at Potato Head to find it was not open until 11am. Urgh! Nothing a quick pedicure, manicure, massage and fish spa can’t fix. Shem even got himself a couple of flowers for his toes.

An early retirement to our room meant we were ready for the next night.

Heading into Kuta to meet up with Lou and Nicole, saw us at a beachside restaurant with Burlesque dancers or homo-erotic might paint a better picture. A few snappy shots and we were off to the main street of Kuta for some gritty bars.

So we hopped on a bike, on the back of some Balinese dude I’ve never met before. It wasn’t my finest moment. It also made me shit my pants. (Not literately) I’m not keen on motorbikes in the first place let alone on the back of a random male without a helmet. My serious and rationale brain was predicting consequences of an extraordinary level, but peer pressure and practicality got the best of me.

Disembarking the bike, we landed smack bang in the middle of Bintang singlet city. Most of my life I’m proud to be an Australian, but seriously did we export the entire Gold Coast to Bali? Bogans in Bitang shirts were the flavor of the street.

Fortunately for Shem, we run into the boys from the airport and it begins. I’m also learning that the national drink Arak is basically like drinking petrol and is responsible for the latest alcohol related deaths in Bali. I ordered a Crazy Duck instead.

Joining with the boys meant the night turned into a party. Just as soon as we’d met them, Lou and Nicole escaped into the night. I was on my own and I had ‘moves like Jagger’ that needed to be released. Put it this way, the morning after left us all with a bad taste in our mouths.

Leading up to NYE we had a few massive events including the evacuation of Mel, which lead to the hotel swap of Shem and I. We had moved in with the crew and things were only going to get better.

NYE consisted of us going to Potato Head. What a disaster! The place was packed. No seats and at least a 25 minute wait for a drink. And they sold out of water. Sober Mango was over it by 1230am. As appropriately termed, “Summerdayze in Bali”. The brushing past of sweaty men without shirts made me want to vomit. The coolest place in the venue was the toilets.

The preceding couple of days saw a similar pattern of pool, cocktails and nightclubbing. Down to the line, the boys were playing the finger game. The result was a Satay Bintang Cocktail skulled by Lee. Champion.

Shem and I now have the next couple of days to ourselves.. Looking forward some relaxation without the need for a cocktail. At this point no more Piña Coladas!!