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Becoming a Social Media Marketing Lecturer

I would like to formally announce my appointment as a Social Media Marketing Lecturer.

It is one of the biggest achievements of my career and I am very excited to be given this opportunity to lecture in Social Media Marketing for Fashion students. I am busily trying to develop my curriculum and course structure before the classes officially beginning at the end of July. I will be looking into creating and developing content on Social Networks, audience behaviour and marketing.

I am also looking for any small fashion companies that would like to be featured in my classes, as I have a strong Educational Philosophy of learning by example. Please contact me if you have a fantastic Case Study.

Hopefully I will be able to have time to create more blog posts, as I have a few up my sleeve. So please stay tuned.

“Education is the forefront of change.” 





7 Ways Teachers Use Social Media in the Classroom



Global materialization and the emergence of Ninja shoes

So call me snobby and pretentious but there is one thing I have really begun to hate. Ninja shoes! You know those shoes that are made out of canvas or cotton, can be purchased from Kmart or Big W and cost ‘downwards’ of $30? Well, if you haven’t seen them then it’s time to take a look down.

Ninja Shoes

Unfortunately in the world we live in, clothes categorize who we are. They dictate what sub culture we fit into and how much money we have. This is the world of global materialization. This means that the things we own and wear are no longer just a jumper that Gran knitted for us over Christmas and ‘Made in China’ is a welcome part of the label.

As we move towards the development and inflation of material items, we decrease the value and durability of the mass production. Why are clothes made in the 60’s are still durable enough for vintage recycling? The vintage shops of the future will not have clothes with a manufacture date older than their owners, but clothes that were bought and never worn, or items that have held together due to the absence of a washing machine.

Society has turned us into machines of materialization and the advancements in technology enable us to spend like millionaires. Today’s 20 something’s spend as if money if it invaluable. Opting for collection of material goods, rather than a collection of savings. I also am a part of this movement. Never before have things been so purchasable, resulting in the increase of the cost of living.

And what does all of this have to do with Ninja shoes? The mere wearing of such a vile item, contradicts the very institution of what we believe in. They are after all ‘Made in China’. They are the cheap and nasty version and a grandchild of the Dunlop Volley, which also derives in origin from the Converse version. Converse however, promote a different subculture and can be worn effectively. Just not out at night.

Finally, Ninja shoes are NOT suitable for PE and do not provide support for your ankles.

Dear Male,

It has become increasing apparent that you standards of dress have lowered quite significantly from Victorian London. We embrace the emergence of the suit wearing gangsters and the uniform doting servicemen. However, the introduction of cheap and nasty “I just woke up” Ninja shoes are purely not acceptable.

In comparison to men, women may spend a small fortune on becoming the pick of the litter, so you should do the same. A simple selection of real leather shoes and a shirt are not too much to expect. You are, with exception of Fritzel, gentlemen and you should dress location and age appropriately. This should be the minimum requirement.

Yours sincerely

A lot can be said about a man and his shoes… think about it?

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Chocolate City Fashion Night

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Wednesday 2nd March @7pm!