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Love My Body – #Bali Health Retreat


Love My Body


Love My Body specialises in health retreats and runs 6 retreats per year in Bali, Byron Bay and out of Melbourne. Our health retreats are 6-7 days long or 3 days and leave everyone feeling amazing- with a focus on raw food, green food, lots of training and physical challenges, sunshine, massages, reading, thinking and healing.


Places are also already filling up for our Bali retreat!
The cost is $1950 per person and includes the following:

  • We stay in a beautiful village nestled in the hills of Ubud which has the most beautiful surroundings and natural noises.
  • The food is fresh locally grown and totally free of any nasties, most of which is grown in the village itself and we sip on fresh lemongrass and ginger tea all day long the is constantly re-filled at your bungalow door.
  • We train 2-3 times per day, plus treks up and around the mountain including a trek up the volcano at 3am to see the sunrise.
  • Also included in your package is a full body massage and pampering session at one of Ubud’s best day spa’s, dinner out one night to an organic vegetarian restaurant, a half day at the hot springs after our trek up the volcano and a bike tour.
  • This retreat will leave you feeling clean, light and physically challenged- and with a noticeable change in your body shape!

Your package also includes your transfer to the village on the day of the retreat and to your next destination afterward. you can arrive any time on the afternoon on day 1 and leave around 9-10am on the last day. Flights are excluded but if booked early you can get return flights under $700. Airasia/Jetstar  currently has flights for under $500 return. We recommend booking flights as early as possible to keep the cost down.
*Deposits (50%) for both Bali retreats are due for August retreat by July 15. 




Our next Byron retreat is running September 15th – September 21st 2014. Places are already filling up!
The cost is $2200 which includes the following:

  • On average we train for 3-4 hours per day (it sounds intense but because it is so varied and spread out over mornings and evenings and there is a group of us, you will find it challenging but achievable as a group).
  • The food is from the organic byron bay kitchen- organic raw style food, lots of green! It is delivered to the house each day.
  • We stay in a beautiful modern large house near the beach and town.
  • Days are spent mostly beach/shopping/pool but also in the itinerary, you have 1 hour massage/healing session. 30 minute card reading. 1/2 day of surfing.
  • Restorative yoga every second evening and your bike for the week which we get around on a lot.
  • Please note that we have group discounts on all activities and if you were to go off and do this holiday on your own you couldn’t do it at this cost. There are cheap flights with Jetstar (around $300 return).
  • You are expected at the house by 2pm the day of the retreats and we finish up around 9am on the last day.
  • We use the shuttle bus service from Byron airport which is $20.

*Please reserve your spot in this retreat ASAP. Payment due July 15th. In our last Byron retreat most of lost 2-3 kilograms (including me!) But the main difference was how clean light and energetic we felt afterward- most of the girls have since completely changed their lifestyles. this is one retreat not to be missed!


Mornington Peninsula-

These retreats will run based on attendance so express your interest now! They are 2 nights and 3 days long (Friday-Sunday).
You will be expected at the house by lunch time on the Friday and will leave late Sunday afternoon. They are $850 (excluding travel).
In these retreats we really make the most of 3 days!
They are very detox style and educational- with loads of training, green smoothies and vegetables and educational programs with me each night- on nutrition, weight loss and changing your lifestyles to support a healthy weight and happy outlook.
There will also be a day spa pampering session included at one of Daylesford’s spas and the large house we stay in is simply beautiful!
I promise to leave you bewildered at what we can achieve in just 3 days!
Full payment for our Easter retreat is required for our Christmas retreat October 1st.


Health Retreat Dates 2014
Bali:  August 3rd – 8th price $1950 (excluding flights)
Byron Bay: September 15th-21st  $2200 (excluding travel)
Mornington Peninsula: December 19th – 21st $850 (excluding travel)

Check out the testimonials section to read how effective the Love My Body Health Retreats really are!
Or go to our blog to read my post on both a Bali and Byron retreat.

NB: This post was written by Hayley Roper for



Alice, Alice, who the FCUK is ALICE?

Ever since I found out about Alice’s journey in the Master Chef kitchen, I have been more than excited and proud to know her and to support her. She has been very entertaining to watch on TV and has made the show ever more appealing.

It is evident to me that there is much hype around the controversial spectacles that she wears. One thing is clear here; Alice is Alice and has always been Alice. Through those glasses of hers, she is able to view the world in a positive light. A natural learner and a high skilled teacher, her wackiness and consistent eccentric attitude is carried throughout all facets of her life.  Her glasses do not define her; they are not even a vehicle for her personality. They are no more than merely an object that Alice thinks is ‘cool’. I believe that the ‘jury is out’ on that one, but I am able to see through them, just as she is able to do from the other side.

If you knew Alice, you would know that she loves the big ‘daggy’ clothes from the 1990s. I spent one entire school holidays, sorting through her disaster of a wardrobe and making her through out pieces of clothing that were no longer needed. I did not win with the Cockatoo T-shirt or the one with the Tuxedo on it.  But I did try my best.

If you knew Alice, you would know that ‘eclectic fashion’ is her thing. She has never been one to follow trends. She is a trend creator. And not all of her trends I like. She is an individual. And individually she will express herself through choice of colours and styles. (Wait till she brings out her ‘onesies’)

If you knew Alice, you would know that she shares a remarkable interest in fitness. As a school gymnast and a walking promotion for Cross Fit, Alice is never far from an exercise. One year, we walked around a football oval talking of her plans to climb to the Everest Base Camp. And determined as ever, she did.  Alice does everything that she puts her mind to.

If you knew Alice, you would know that she will stop and talk to everyone. As embarrassing as it is sometimes, like when she walked out of shop bowed, and said “sayonara”. Alice is Alice. And Alice loves to talk. She is never without a smile, her glasses and a couple of Sushi Rolls from Chapel St.

If you knew Alice, you would know that she is weird and wacky. She is the ‘dumbest smart person’ I know.  I will not explain that one any further, other than to say she received the Dean’s Award at Melbourne University. Alice’s over the top, exaggerated expressions are no different to any other Drama Teacher who has had a coffee. (Not speaking from experience there.)

If you knew Alice, you would know that her passion in life is food. She not only enjoys eating it but cooking it. For this reason my Dad has put a lock on his fridge. Many times we have sat in the backyard of my parent’s place, pondering the world outside of teaching. Alice has always wanted to do something more. She loves her students, but I really believe that it is the social interaction that really excites her. Her bubbly ‘out there’ peculiar attitude and passion for food has lead my Dad to give her the nickname of “Alice in Saucepan”.

If you knew Alice, you would know that it is all about the food on Master Chef and it is not about her appearance. Her clothes, her glasses and her personality are not indicators of her passion for cooking. They also do not indicate the quality of her cooking. And as Master Chef approaches its final weeks, I am hoping to see Alice in her finest moments. I want her to win. I want her to realize her dreams, because she deserves it just like anyone else. But that is something we are all going to have to wait for….

I wish you luck my love…. And if even if you don’t win, I have nearly wet myself with some of your commentary…

To follow Alice’s progress, please ‘like’ her fan page: Alice Zaslavsky on Facebook

“You do not have to wear glasses to be able to see..”

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Famous Pecan Brownies

For those of you who enjoyed the mouth watering taste of the Pecan Brownies that my Mum made.. here is the recipe.


(Makes approx 20)

200g unsalted butter
2 cups caster sugar
1 cup baking cocoa
125g Pecan nuts
4 eggs
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
125g chocolate chips


Melt the butter and allow to cool.

Stir in the sugar and cocoa until combined.

Fold through the chocolate chips, pecan nuts.

Stir in the flour and baking powder until combined.

Add the eggs one by one and stir until combined.

Pour the mixture into a lined baking tray.

Place into a preheated oven at 160°C for 45 minutes.

For more great recipes:


The Little Ox: New St, Brighton

My favourite place for a great breakfast is
The Little Ox.


The Melbourne Cafe Culture is alive and buzzing. Buzzing half from the hustle and bustle of patrons and from the delicious barrister coffee served fresh daily. I enjoy a great coffee and finding one that is suitable to your tastes is hard to find.

As Bayside local, we are spoiled with the range of cafes and restaurants that it has to offer. I have trekked through Church St and Hampton St looking for something special. It was on the cusp of Brighton and Elwood that I have discovered The Little Ox.

The Little Ox is located on New Street in Brighton. Its corner residence and frontage faces both a cosy side street and the thoroughfare of New Street commuters. Seated behind wooden seats, are the first of the cafe’s patrons. This is where you will find dogs and cyclists enjoying Sunday breakfast.

The atmosphere is always welcoming. With the staff bustling around table to table, greeting customers like they have known them forever. Walking through the doors, thrusts you into the deep aromas of a rich Italian coffee, with the barristers serving customers in the cafe and from the window on the street.

Finding a seat during the peak periods is almost the hardest part. My only saving grace is the frequency of my visits; this means that the staff are always able to find you somewhere to sit whilst a better option arises. 

The cafe inside, has a homely feel. With a giant butterfly painting on the wall and cooking books lining the outside of the room. The kitchen is visible and so are the freshly cooked cakes and pasties. I always try to get the seat on the window side, as with cushioned seating you get to view the whole restaurant.

Approaching your table will be some of the most friendly of staff. Their vibrate personalities enable the cafe to be filled with laughter and positive energy. From the signage of petitions to mini competitions they are always full of energy and ready to accommodate.

Ordering from the menu is made easy with the small menu filled with incredible dishes. It doesn’t matter what you order, you know you are going to get something worth coming back for. From their delicious potato rosti, to their homemade baked beans or the chicken quinoa salad, there is something  for everyone.

The only downfall of The Little Ox is the noise level inside. It is sometimes difficult to hear your company talk whilst on lunch. And this is an indication of its popularity.

I love The Little Ox and I hope it loves me.