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Becoming a Social Media Marketing Lecturer

I would like to formally announce my appointment as a Social Media Marketing Lecturer.

It is one of the biggest achievements of my career and I am very excited to be given this opportunity to lecture in Social Media Marketing for Fashion students. I am busily trying to develop my curriculum and course structure before the classes officially beginning at the end of July. I will be looking into creating and developing content on Social Networks, audience behaviour and marketing.

I am also looking for any small fashion companies that would like to be featured in my classes, as I have a strong Educational Philosophy of learning by example. Please contact me if you have a fantastic Case Study.

Hopefully I will be able to have time to create more blog posts, as I have a few up my sleeve. So please stay tuned.

“Education is the forefront of change.” 





7 Ways Teachers Use Social Media in the Classroom

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What will the future hold?

A few weekends ago, I booked flights to Perth, I have only been once but I was too young to remember. It took me a mere two hours to get to the airport, when it should have only taken one. I arrived at my gate with minutes to spare. Another stress that I don’t need.

If I remember back to childhood, flying was such an exciting experience. Now I just feel trapped in the plane, and stuck to a seat for an extended period of time. I hate it. And I don’t know what it is I hate about it. Is it that I am stuck and I have no choice? I think for me it is about the choice.

When I travel, I always drive. I don’t like to let other people control ‘wheres’ and ‘whens’. I need those decisions to be in my hands. I like to be able to control the music and the temperature in the cabin. In a plane, I am choice-less. I am confined to a seat, and I freeze from the surrounding climate.

But the worst part would be getting the seat next to the smelly person. The person that overfills their seat. The person who is intoxicated. The crying baby. Which leads me to my next point. What age should you not travel with a child?

I know parents might not have the choice in some circumstances, but the amount of parents traveling with young children seems to be increasing. Is this the cost of fares or the change from the traditional parenting techniques?

A dynamic shift in parenting has erupted. I’m sure there are some parents out there who expect teachers to teach their children life skills. I have encountered many. Those who refuse to side with you on homework and behavior. Maybe it’s the location of my teaching practice?

This still doesn’t explain why I stood at the open night of a inner beachside secondary school, and witness a father of five explode through the doors with his ratbag 9 year old children. Their only savior was the fact that their parents were standing right there. However this hasn’t stopped me telling kids off before. The last time was on a flight home from Hawaii. I was already ready for the confrontation of the parents. I don’t understand how some parents let their children run wild in public places, and then there is the kid who wont touch the bag of lollies I put on the table as its mid-week.

Where are we going as a society, if our kids are uncontrollable? I am not a parent, I do not have my own kids. But I do have 26 of yours every hour, five days a week. I think I have qualified enough for a stake in this discussion.

The fundamental shift here seems to come from what some might think as lazy parenting.. Or perhaps alike animals, children have the ability to grow themselves up. I disagree. As a wise man once said to me, “It’s easy to have bad kids, but it is hard to have good ones. As good ones are hard work and you have to be consistent.” To be honest, I hadn’t heard it so simply put. Good kids are hard work.

Many times in my classroom, I have given an ultimatum to a student. Then realised that if I don’t follow through with my punishment, then they will never respect me. I remember that I don’t need students to like me, I need them to respect what I stand for as a teacher.

Is it that I am the Grandchild of religion? And that the children of today are atheism to the highest degree? I have talked in previous posts about the cost of living for my generation over that of our parents. (Home isn’t where the heart is..) But are we not all human?

If leaves me to ponder about the future and where we are headed as society? We no longer need the 10 Commandments to control our lives, and children are capable of growing without guidance. Will we survive the adults of the future?

“Decisions are only decisions if you decide..”


The life of a teacher..

Each and every job, has it’s PRO’s and CON’s.. but what is it that makes teaching one of the most mentally draining careers?

The only time that a teacher will ever say that they love their job, is when they are sitting on the beaches of Hawaii and basking in the sun. This time of the year would be the holidays. The holidays are the time when teachers and students get to live life to its fullest. It is also the time of extreme frustration for parents, when having their kids for the six hours a day is too much.

What is the role of teacher? What do we aim to achieve? The answers to such questions I have pondered many times whilst staring at myself in the mirror at 6am before school. I am pretty sure the job description at a basic level is to ‘educate the future’. But it is never quite that simple. A teacher is a jack of all trades, or as Megan Gale once referred to it “as the ultimate slashie”. She is paying a tribute to the vast variety of job descriptions that she is able to mould into. Teachers are one the same. In any one day we can be a combination of teacher; councillor, parent liaison, disciplinarian, slave driver, curriculum producer and coordinator, detention supervisor, test administrator, social worker, parent, sounding board, media player, entertainer, first aide administrator, friend, cleaner, dictator, advocate, psychologist, stationary supplier, sheriff, personal hygienist, therapist, storage unit, collector of MP3s and phones, fashion consultant, organiser, pin board, trader, negotiator, diplomat, taxi, translator, dictionary, calculator, comedian and the rest.

Teaching is the ability to slip between all roles in a matter of seconds. It is ability that most of us master within the first term of teaching. Once a teacher can stop mid sentence to make a correction to behaviour and return to the sentence with the same tone, you know you have got it down pat. One thing you realise very quickly is what type of children that you don’t want and what names you will not be calling them.


Comes from not only dealing with students and their non-supportive parents. Who sometimes believe at some extent that their child having after school detentions will disadvantage themselves, so as a result their kids are not going to be doing it. Isn’t that that point? Parents believe that they are the best teachers around, so why are more students home schooled? Of course not all parents fit into this category. There are many different types of parents, according to the Herald Sun, the latest craze is the Lawnmower parents, “instead of hovering over their children closely monitoring them as helicopter parents are said to, lawnmower parents get out in front of their children to try and clear the way for them”. 

So what does this mean to us? It means that we are dealing with children who are scared to experience anything in the outside world. Problematic because this generation of children have witnessed more images and information than most of their great grand parents did in their lifetime.

SO where to for education?

Below is a video that explains the shift in education theories and the role of the 21st century education.

I find the whole thing a little overwhelming. What can I change in my classroom tomorrow?
This is the most confronting and draining part of being an Early Career Teacher. The realisation that you can’t change the world and even if you try to the change one thing. A full shift in educational philosophy will take years, as there is never any time in between classes to get the lockers.



The Good Shepherd, a painting by Ian Bowers

Have you seen Ian Bowers’ painting of Steven Baker entitled The Good Shepherd?
A entry for the Archibald Prize.

The Good Shepherd

The painting has now been recoginised on the St Kilda Football Club website:
Great work @bowers70 !!