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What will the future hold?

A few weekends ago, I booked flights to Perth, I have only been once but I was too young to remember. It took me a mere two hours to get to the airport, when it should have only taken one. I arrived at my gate with minutes to spare. Another stress that I don’t need.

If I remember back to childhood, flying was such an exciting experience. Now I just feel trapped in the plane, and stuck to a seat for an extended period of time. I hate it. And I don’t know what it is I hate about it. Is it that I am stuck and I have no choice? I think for me it is about the choice.

When I travel, I always drive. I don’t like to let other people control ‘wheres’ and ‘whens’. I need those decisions to be in my hands. I like to be able to control the music and the temperature in the cabin. In a plane, I am choice-less. I am confined to a seat, and I freeze from the surrounding climate.

But the worst part would be getting the seat next to the smelly person. The person that overfills their seat. The person who is intoxicated. The crying baby. Which leads me to my next point. What age should you not travel with a child?

I know parents might not have the choice in some circumstances, but the amount of parents traveling with young children seems to be increasing. Is this the cost of fares or the change from the traditional parenting techniques?

A dynamic shift in parenting has erupted. I’m sure there are some parents out there who expect teachers to teach their children life skills. I have encountered many. Those who refuse to side with you on homework and behavior. Maybe it’s the location of my teaching practice?

This still doesn’t explain why I stood at the open night of a inner beachside secondary school, and witness a father of five explode through the doors with his ratbag 9 year old children. Their only savior was the fact that their parents were standing right there. However this hasn’t stopped me telling kids off before. The last time was on a flight home from Hawaii. I was already ready for the confrontation of the parents. I don’t understand how some parents let their children run wild in public places, and then there is the kid who wont touch the bag of lollies I put on the table as its mid-week.

Where are we going as a society, if our kids are uncontrollable? I am not a parent, I do not have my own kids. But I do have 26 of yours every hour, five days a week. I think I have qualified enough for a stake in this discussion.

The fundamental shift here seems to come from what some might think as lazy parenting.. Or perhaps alike animals, children have the ability to grow themselves up. I disagree. As a wise man once said to me, “It’s easy to have bad kids, but it is hard to have good ones. As good ones are hard work and you have to be consistent.” To be honest, I hadn’t heard it so simply put. Good kids are hard work.

Many times in my classroom, I have given an ultimatum to a student. Then realised that if I don’t follow through with my punishment, then they will never respect me. I remember that I don’t need students to like me, I need them to respect what I stand for as a teacher.

Is it that I am the Grandchild of religion? And that the children of today are atheism to the highest degree? I have talked in previous posts about the cost of living for my generation over that of our parents. (Home isn’t where the heart is..) But are we not all human?

If leaves me to ponder about the future and where we are headed as society? We no longer need the 10 Commandments to control our lives, and children are capable of growing without guidance. Will we survive the adults of the future?

“Decisions are only decisions if you decide..”

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The Master Gamer

More recently I have been extremely lucky to side step my role as a classroom teacher into something a little more charismatic. A role in which I design myself and control the output of the content in which I devise.

I have partly wished that I had completed a Degree in Psychology, in order to study the behavioral patterns of the mind. For the most part I enjoy watching and listening. Observing the interactions and trying to understand ‘why people do the things they do?’

The motivations or reactions to situations is what I enjoy the most. How to mould those reactions to be influenced by persuasion, is yet something I have been entirely able to master.

What is clear is the differentiation between men and women. Moreover how men communicate with men and how they work with women. Men speak on a less professional, more friendly level, but when talking to females, they move to professionalism. So, how does the woman break into the man’s world? Do we need to slip in a few swear words to break the ice? But be careful that you don’t slip too many or you won’t be taken seriously.

A midst massive redevelopment of my workplace, a variety of consultation based processes have taken place. It is always hard to manage when a democracy allows for total transparency. Thus leaving the development of conspiracy theories evident.

To this notion, I have had the chance to watch a mind of great operation. I also wonder how much of the world I see with rose coloured glasses. Or is it that I am clearer on the motivations?

Being exposed to a variety of administrative based roles has thrust me into a new dimension. One I have not encountered before. One that four years ago, I would have not been mature enough to handle. It is in this role, I pseudo sit. Not sure if I’m left or right.

My modus operandi has always been to sit back and listen. And to ultimately trust in my own judgement. It’s not what’s being said, rather it’s what’s not. Reading between the lines is the most important aspect to effective business.

The Master Gamer has an intricate web of constructive thinking. His presentations begin with personal anecdotes and end with choices. He places several anecdotal distractions, posed quickly and head on a different tangents. Held humorous by those who understand his thought process.

He stands confidentially and persuasively and never loses track of the big picture. He heads forward like a bull at a gate with the ability to recognize he might not break the gate.

A mastermind of his own game, his history shows the ability to execute concisely constructed plans. He knows his game. He is trusted by peers.

Who knows where this role will take me? One thing is for sure. I am enjoying it and I wish to stay.

“The depth of one’s mind is only one level deeper than his forehead.”



Welcome back to reality

After the most amazing holidays, it’s nice to be back in town. Well sorta. I am not enjoying the anti-summer weather that Melbourne has been experiencing. The torrential downpours have almost flooded everywhere.

Since being back in Australia, I have been lucky enough to enjoy my final moments of the holidays. Flying on Tiger Airlines to the Gold Coast is one of the most daunting and horrible experiences. The unreliability of their planes and booking system, makes flying with Tiger less than enjoyable.

Upon arrival to the Gold Coast, I was greeted by Mr Dover. This time, and for the first time in ages.. his haircut was good. I know I’m fussy, but I like him to look handsome always. Dover works in the afternoons, so I was being picked up by Georgie and taken to Ewan’s for dinner. Which I might, add.. was delicious.

During my stay in QLD, I planned to go to Big Day Out with the crew. I like musical festivals in QLD. I like them because the chance of seeing students is low, and they always go in a big group of people. Memorable moment: Ramstein– the ultimate crackhead. I will never understand his brutal shows, filled with blood and guns. Did he receive enough hugs when he was little? Does someone love him now?

Getting back to Melbourne, made me embark of a journey of cleaning. I bleached everything in my entire house, and then continued the bleaching into Bam’s house. I was officially the ‘White Queen’.
I struggled with finding enough places for all of my clothes to fit in my wardrobe. I had purchased 40 new coat hangers, and filled them all. I can not move them along at all. It’s great to have a new closet, but at the same time I am fairly confused with how to make more space. Linz and I have committed to wearing a new item each day until we run out. She predicts that we will be able to make it well and truly into March.

The hardest thing about holidays is actually returning to work. According to Spanna, “If you ask a teacher if they like their job, the only time they will happily say yes, is during the holidays.” I believe this to be correct. The holidays are great while they last, but if you think realistically, we have already worked them well and truly before we get them.

Waking up at 6:30am is a shock to the system. Also having to concentrate with meetings for an hour is hard. You know that in a couple of days, the kids will be back and we will all be back into it. The only way I am able to survive is by having an afternoon powernap to settle the soul. Only then can I work till 12am with Bam.

The floods of the 4th of February were hideous. I am surprised that my car didn’t flood in the Beach Rd river. Luckily for us, we only had flooding in the bathroom and considering the house is getting knocked down, it’s not really a concern. Shemu wanted to check that his room was fine, before we used our car/boat to grab dinner. I am so happy to see such a green state, but the damage of the flash flooding is less than desired.

I have set myself goals for this year:

  • pay off c/c by April
  • stop working so much
  • be fitter, strong and healthier
  • save money
  • sleep more than 6 hours a night

I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends this weekend.. for my birthday.. 

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